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The “Herd” Mentality

The “Herd” Mentality
by; Bernadette Hill, Director of Recruiting Services, TriStarr Staffing

It seems like wherever one turns, there’s doom and gloom news about our national economy – pink slips, lagging consumer confidence and concern about our overall economic future. For sure, these are challenging times, but if you’re presently unemployed and on a job search, there are some silver linings to consider. And like me, you just might turn off CNN for a while. South-central PA has proven to be more resilient when weathering past recessions and the current one is shaping up to be no exception. Housing prices here are more stable, area employers are committed to retaining staff and growing in a responsible manner and our diverse local economy makes us less vulnerable and reliant on one industry to carry a community. Larger metro areas like the financial district in New York City are feeling the impact much harder. Here are some suggestions to stay positive and productive during your job search – and hopefully shorten its duration to a successful end game of a new job!

Stay structured. Plan out the next day every evening and know what you want to accomplish daily – such as completing a certain number of resume follow up phone calls to employers, attending a networking event or just reaching out to several existing contacts . Achieving these goals, however small, will give you a sense of daily accomplishment and forward momentum.
Know your past career achievements and be ready to explain two or three of them when interviewing. If you don’t know why a particular employer would want to hire you, you’re not ready for the interview.

Be comfortable asking for key introductions from past colleagues and friends. In these challenging times, people won’t be surprised to hear that you’re on a job search and many will be eager to help, especially if you live in a “who you know town” like me. Related to this last point:
Be receptive to working with an experienced recruiter who is knowledgeable about your industry or profession. Recruiters are well connected and although they can’t help everyone all of the time, they are a valuable resource.

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