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Friday Stories – “The Little Things”

On Fridays we thought we would share stories or experiences that made us smile, or made us wonder.

A few years ago we had a wonderful temporary employee whose thoughtfulness made me stop in my tracks. Leona was a long time temporary employee who worked assignments for many of our clients. She was reliable, punctual, and always willing to take a last minute assignment. She was retired and using temporary assignments to supplement her income. She stopped into our office every Friday to pick up her paycheck and always had a smile and kind word.

On one particular Friday afternoon she had a Ziploc bag with her. She handed the bag to me as she picked up her check, and said “Here Scott, I thought you could reuse these”. The bag was filled with empty envelopes.

Each week when Leona would pick up her paycheck, which was in an unsealed envelope, she evidently had set the envelope aside, and on this day decided to bring them in to us to reuse. I was literally speechless, and was finally able to blurt out “thank you so much Leona!”.

Leona is no longer with us, and we certainly miss her. But, I will always remember that day when she handed me a bag full of envelopes.

Next week – one of our most bizarre excuses for missing work!

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