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You just never know….

As I drove into work today, there was no indication of the curveball that would be thrown our way this morning. As I was preparing for our weekly meeting / huddle / whatever you want to call it, I heard a loud noise, and poof – power goes out.

It turns out a transformer across the street blew up (technical term). Luckily we have a “disaster plan” in place and were able to quickly forward phones, make sure the file servers were okay, and being powered down correctly, etc.

It’s mornings like this that I’m reminded how important it is to have procedures in place for situations like this that tend to catch us off guard.

So – my apologies for the late blog post today – I was a little distracted. If you don’t have a plan for emergencies – I suggest you get one. If you have a plan, make sure it’s up to date. Who knows what tomorrow – or later today for that matter – will bring.

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