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Are you really qualifed? If not please don’t apply!

by Scott Fiore, TriStarr Staffing

As the job market has become “tighter” there is a trend developing that we tend to see in recessionary times; candidates are applying for every opening they see whether qualified or not.

Now – I understand that people are anxious, and need to find a job – however, driving a lawnmower around your yard doesn’t qualify you to drive a forklift; two years of customer service experience doesn’t qualify you to be a Chief Financial Officer, and scheduling your kids activities for ten years doesn’t qualify you to be the Executive Administrative Assistant for a CEO!!

The good news is there are companies looking to hire good qualified people. If you are truly qualified for a position you see open, by all means apply for it. However, if you are obviously not qualified or experienced for an open position, please don’t apply. There is little chance that you will be selected for an interview, and you simply make the hiring manager’s job harder. And – if a hiring manager sees your resume two, three, or more times for positions you aren’t qualified for, they will tend to pass it over when you actually are qualified for a position.

So, in short, please apply to jobs, that you are qualified for.

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