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Recruiting & Social Networking

A member of my staff forwarded me the link below. Recruiting talented candidates has changed, is changing now, and will continue to change rapidly.

Here’s a quote from the post (emphasis added):

“…I spent the first half of the day researching the agency, their client list, their process and services. I appreciated the work and the thinking behind it. It got really interesting when I discovered and perused their Facebook page. I applied for a job via e-mail shortly thereafter.”

If you recruit and don’t use these tools – the bus has left. At my company we have shifted recruiting resources from traditional print media and other sources to social media. Yup – we have a Facebook page -( ). It ‘s amazing how inexpensive setting one up can be. We have Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, and I encourage my staff to actively recruit on Social Networking sites – they do and it works! Our mission is to help our clients find, hire, and maximize talent and social networking will be key in making this happen. That is of course until the next big thing comes around – if only I had the time to dream that up!!!

Here’s the link to the full post:


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