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Diamonds in the Rough – The Overqualified

Tuesday’s Update: “What Would You Like Them to Forget?”

“The candidate is overqualified”.

We hear this often from clients. Their concern? Once the economy improves the candidate will leave for a better position more in line with their experience. May they do that? Sure – a valid concern. But, wouldn’t there be the possibility that a “perfectly”, or under qualified candidate would do the same?

Think of it this way – what would you like that overqualified candidate to forget?

There are some good people unemployed right now. Many are finding it difficult to find employment at the level they were at pre-recession. If those candidates are willing to take lower paying positions – what’s the downside? The risk that they may leave? Isn’t there also a risk that your business may improve or change and you may need some of the skills that they have?

The best employees, when laid off, typically will not sit at home and collect unemployment checks until they run out. The best employees will want to stay busy, doing anything, even at a level lower than where they were before. These are the candidates that we want.

The next time you’re thinking this candidate is overqualified ask yourself – what would I like them to forget?


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