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Special Thanks to Our Internal Team, and Temp Employees for Jobs Well Done!

We routinely poll our clients at the end of assignments as to the quality of the employee we assigned, and the service provided by our TriStarr Team.

We ask our clients to rate the employee we assigned, and our staff on a 5 point scale, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest satisfaction scores.

Here’s a summary of last week’s feedback.

Our temp to hire and temporary employees attained an average score of 4.75!  Congratulations!

Our internal Staffing Specialists attained an average score of 4.81!  Congratulations!

We strive hard to exceed the expectations of our clients every day, so thanks to our internal team, and temporary and temp to hire employees who “wowed” our clients recently.  I thought I would pull out a few highlights of some of the wonderful feedback we received from our clients (yes I’m bragging);

“Thank you for your service!  The projects were finished on time during a period when we were unstaffed with deadline looming.  Thank you!”

“Hi Joan!  As always Linda was awesome to work with…and we are thrilled to have found and hired Karen.  Thanks for the help!”

“Yet again Lauren sent over an excellent candidate. (He) was very professional, a team player, and went above and beyond to ensure he met our expectations.  We would definitely bring (him) back for any IT-related role we had a need for.  Awesome job!”

TriStarr Staffing provides unique solutions for your staffing and HR Needs.  Whether you need short term temporary employees for a project, or sophisticated Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution, TriStarr has the experience to identify solutions right for your needs.  A free HR Audit will provide you with peace of mind knowing your HR Practices are up to date, and in compliance.  For more information click here and paste “I’m Interested in a FREE HR Audit” in the comment box.

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