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Harvard and University of Michigan Results Shows Need for Improved Selection Process

A Harvard University study reports that 80% of employee turnover can be attributed to mistakes made during the hiring process. The implications of this are huge: up to 80% of your turnover can be blamed on hiring mistakes. The problem lies in the employee selection process. Simply put the wrong people are being hired for the wrong jobs.

A Michigan State University study indicates that traditional hiring techniques – resume reviews, interviews, and reference checks only provide a 14% likelihood of a successful job hire. ONLY 14% !!! Your odds of winning a hand at Blackjack are significantly better at around 40%. If you rely only on traditional hiring practices you are truly gambling with the future success of your organization.

The Michigan State University study does offer hope in regards to these horrendous odds of hiring the right employee. The effective utilization of powerful personality assessments are shown to increase the likelihood of a successful job hire to 75%!!!. The power of these assessments is staggering and provides a powerful insight into the values, behaviors, and attributes the job candidate possesses. This information can then be compared against a Benchmark established for the job position and an informed hiring decision can now be made. The results are incredible.

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