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Job Market; It’s Getting Tough Out There

The slowly improving job market may be exacerbating a problem you may not know this country had: Finding good workers to fill open positions.

A new survey from human resources firm Right Management finds that 27% of human resources executives often have trouble finding the right person for key positions. That’s up from 23% a year ago.

Just 13% said they seldom, if ever, have that trouble – a decrease from last year.

We’re beginning to see evidence of this trend, as well.  Locally, employers have begun reporting difficulty in identifying highly qualified candidates for positions.  We’re also beginning to see an increase in requests.  Further – there are signs emerging of a skills gap.  Those out of the workforce for an extended period of time have missed software upgrades and may have an increased difficulty acclimating to new versions.  I’m also hearing clients report that there are starting to be fewer candidates actually applying for positions.  This is a welcome sign after a few years of mountains of resumes piling up for an open position – but further evidence of a tightening employee market.

As the market for qualified employees heats up there are several factors to be particularly careful of when screening and selection candidates:

1.  Verify their work history!  Watch out for web sites serving as “references” for candidates.

2.  Verify their skills!  Skills tests are crucial.  Please, please, please test skills of your top candidates.  I just had a client last month who had a candidate lie about having the ability to work in Excel.

3.  Make sure their personality matches the job and your company culture.  The #1 reason clients tell us that the hires they make fail is they weren’t a good “fit”.  Simple personality and behavioral assessments can reduce this problem.

4.  Finally – don’t settle!  There are good candidates out there – they’re just tougher to identify these days.

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