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What Will Your Business Look Like in 3 Years?

What Will Your Business Look Like in 3 Years?

TriStarr’s President & CEO, Joan Paxton was recently asked this question.  Many business leaders may stammer to think of an answer, others spout off their “mission” or “vision” statement.  Joan’s answer was quick, and I believe, spot on.

“Wherever our client’s want us to be.”

We’ve started to see the needs of our clients shift and our revenue streams are changing.  Where our clients want us to be, may not be where they’ve wanted us to be in the past.

TriStarr Staffing has been known for years as a boutique provider of office / clerical and administrative staffing in Lancaster and Central Pennsylvania.  Here’s what our clients have asked us to do recently.

  • One client asked us for a Japanese Translator – ORDER FILLED!
  • Another asked us for an RF Technician (and wished us luck as they had had no success finding any) – ORDER FILLED – ** we actually found them TWO!
  • Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Group is actively recruiting locally and nationally for several clients.  More and more clients have expressed interest in this concept.  We’ve successfully shown our RPO clients how they can outsource parts of their recruiting process to save money and increase hiring and retention metrics.  They’re also finding our services make significant parts of their recruiting process a VARIABLE expense.
  • We’ve begun about 5 consulting gigs this month from searches, to employee manuals, to assisting a local non-profit in their search for a new Executive and have at least three more slated to start in June.
  • Oh, and by the way – over 10 office / clerical temps are starting in the next several days. (At this writing – I expect several more positions to close this week adding to that number).

So – where do our clients wants us?  Obviously where we provide value to them – in various parts of the recruiting process, not only providing clerical and administrative staff.  Our office clerical staffing business remains our primary revenue stream.  But in order to grow and survive we’ve seen the need to provide creative ways to solve the specific needs of our clients.

Is your business doing the same?  I’ll ask again – where do your clients want you to be in three years?  I hope you’re thinking about that – I’ll bet your competitors are….

I would love to hear how your business is expanding and changing to meet the needs of your customers.

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