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Like A Shark – Focus On Your Companies Strengths – Outsource Your Weaknesses

By; Scott Fiore, TriStarr Staffing

I saw a great post recently having to do with outsourcing.  The main idea was simple: in the natural world, animals – in this case a shark – outsource their weaknesses to allow them to focus on their strengths.  A shark “outsources” its weaknesses: keeping itself clean, and protecting itself from disease, to other fish.  Remoras clean parasites from the shark’s teeth and perhaps skin. Remoras eat the parasites off the underside of the shark to keep it healthy and alive. This allows the shark to remain healthy and focus on what it does best – hunt.  The Remora gets “paid” as well; they get a free meal and “protection.”  Okay – a bit of a gruesome example, but very telling for your business.

The biggest and best companies do it too.  Apple, Ikea, etc.  We do it here at TriStarr.  We’re very, VERY good at recruiting, screening, testing, but not so good at fixing our computers or cleaning our carpets.  So that gets outsourced to experts.  Think about your company.  Our best clients, and I’ll brag here – they are the who’s who of South Central Pa’s employers – use us to maximize their strengths and allow them to focus on what they do best.  They focus on what they do best and use TriStarr to identify and recruit talent.

Just this week we’ve placed key people into key openings quickly and efficiently because we had the right candidate relationships.  Our clients called, we presented one highly qualified candidate and the client’s open position was filled.  That’s efficient.  A position gets filled very quickly and the client remains focused on their business and what they do best and we get paid.  We both win.

I’m working with another client to screen and assess their current employees and we identified some trends that may be leading to some inefficiency.  By tweaking the behavioral styles of the candidates we present, we will be able to improve performance and reduce turnover.  This client takes advantage of our skill and expertise in screening and selection to get better candidates, and yes, we get paid.

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Group has worked with a local company to significantly improve their hiring process, identify better employees, and reduce costs.  Together, we helped turn what was a difficult and stressful recruiting season last year, with positions unfilled, and therefore business being lost, to a smooth recruiting season this year.  Positions are all filled.  There’s a pool of freshly screened candidates ready should the client’s business increase and our client is focused on their core business – not recruiting and selection.  And yes, we get paid.

If you’re interested in learning more about our RPO Group, or if you have a position you need to fill, click HERE and let our sharks do the hunting while you focus your business on making money.

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