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TriStarr Staffing Launches New Website

TriStarr Staffing, Lancaster, Pa. has launched a new website designed to provide an improved user-friendly experience with improved navigation and quick and easy access to essential information for job seekers, employees and employers.

TriStarr Staffing new website screenshot

The new website also allows users to access information with the option to share information across all major social networking sites.  “The social media properties will not simply be profiles and pages on various platforms, but extensions of their website where they can engage job seekers as well as employers and clients,” states Bryan Coe, owner of Blackbird e-Solutions, LLC.

The new website boasts a modern, colorful design and has been enhanced to provide a better experience on mobile platforms.  In addition the new site contains targeted sections for Job Seekers, Employers and Employees with quick, secure access to Employee and Customer Accounts. The user-friendly nature of the new website provides users with more efficient access to the organization’s resources.

“We are very excited to launch this new site,” says Joan Paxton, President of TriStarr Staffing. “TriStarr Staffing has so much to offer and our goal was to provide a website that simply and quickly gets job seekers, employees and clients the information they need to make informed decisions.”

With the launch of the new site job seekers and employees will have an improved ability to find new job opportunities quickly on our Job Board where new positions are added and removed in real-time.  “We’re sensitive to the fact that job-seekers want to see real opportunities – no more old stale jobs!” Paxton adds.

The launch includes new features for employers as well:

“The site will also be a great tool for clients and potential clients looking for information about the many different services TriStarr provides,” says Scott Fiore, TriStarr’s Vice President “Several new web based services will be rolled out in the coming months and the improvements in this new site are integral to their success.  These tools will improve the client experience and further differentiate TriStarr as the leader in our market.”

TriStarr Staffing’s new website was launched on September 5, 2013. The company looks forward to utilizing the new site with employees, clients and job seekers!

For more information about how TriStarr Staffing can help you please use the online Contact Us form or call 717-560-2111.
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