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Work Life Balance at TriStarr Staffing

Well, that was my baby in the playpen way back when, and I can still remember the first time I brought her to TriStarr!   As I dropped my 4 month old baby off at the sitter’s house, the sitter coughed and said ‘my bronchitis isn’t contagious anymore.’   YIKES!   So…..Devon came to work with me — I had no idea if Joan would be upset, send me home for the day, or if she would welcome an infant in the office.  Luckily for me, Joan welcomed her with open arms and if I recall correctly, Devon spent most of the day in her office!

work life balance at TriStarr Staffing

Work life balance is a tricky thing to manage, and Joan showed that it was a core value of TriStarr.  Not a value that’s written in a mission statement and forgotten, but one that is embraced and encouraged.  As a human resources professional, I’m so fortunate to have had that experience, and I’m proud to embrace and encourage it as the Director of Human Resources at Franklin & Marshall College as well.

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