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TriStarr’s Temporary Employee Workforce

So what does the temporary employee workforce “look like”?

admin staffing job seekers Recently TriStarr participated in a National Survey conducted for the American Staffing Association by Penn Schoen Berland.  The goal was to gather information about the temporary workforce.  By participating in the survey we were able to receive specific information about TriStarr’s temporary workforce.  There were some very interesting and positive facts that I’d like to share.

88% of our Temporary Associates reported they were extremely or very satisfied with TriStarr Staffing.

75%  of our Temporary Associates are registered exclusively with TriStarr Staffing.

80% of our Temporary Associates either have some college experience (22%) or at least a Bachelor’s degree (58%)

68% of our Temporary Associates prefer full time work assignments

88% of our Temporary Associates feel that temporary work has made them more employable

While we’re not perfect and we’re always looking for ways to improve, I was very pleased when looking at this data.  TriStar has a satisfied, skilled and educated workforce – that guess what? You have to come only to TriStarr (for the most part) to get!


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