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Strong Hiring Numbers – Nationally and Locally

I subscribe to several industry emails to keep current.  In one email today there were three headlines (of the total of four) that really jumped out at me.  These headlines all show strong hiring numbers nationally and corroborate what we are seeing here locally.

First:  “US Manufacturing, Services Sectors’ July Hiring Plans Highest in Four Years”.  Based on a Society of Human Resources leading indicators survey the manufacturing sector reports that 58% of companies plan to hire and only 4.8% plan to reduce staff in July.  The services sector showed a similar trend with 54.4% reporting plans to hire and just 5.2% planning to reduce staff.  Both sectors report increased difficulty in recruiting professionals.  We are seeing this trend locally as well, with strong professional and temporary demand.  Further – we are also seeing the strongest wage pressure we’ve seen in years.  That’s upward pressure by the way.

The other two headlines sounded similar themes:

Second:  “US Adds 281,000 Jobs in June says ADP, Market ‘Improving’.”

Third:  “Online Job Ads Rise in June”

As stated above the employment market is tightening both nationally and locally.  We are seeing strong demand for qualified employees at all levels – and the supply is similar to what we were seeing pre-recession.  That’s why our business is strengthening lately.  More and more clients are turning to us to help them identify talent.  I’ve had several clients call lately exacerbated because they could not identify key staff.  SIX of those calls turned into Direct Hire placements for us in July.  We found the people our clients (and in several cases our competition) could not find.

If you’re having trouble identifying talent; number one, you’re not alone.  Number two, call us – we can help.

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