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How to find temp staff to fit your business

When you need a temporary staff person to fill an essential role, you want more than someone who is simply available on a moment’s notice. You want a person who is skilled, committed and a good fit for your company.

After all, you’ll be paying for this person to represent your company and perform their duties well. Finding the right choice for your temp position on your own is a gamble.

If you decide to engage a staffing company, here’s a “to do” list to get you started on the right foot:

  • Formulate a budget for the compensation to be paid to the temp staff person.
  • Have a clear and complete job description for the temp employee, listing specific tasks that you expect to be accomplished.
  • Get referrals for staffing agencies from colleagues who have been satisfied with their service.
  • Go to the temp agencies’ websites to read about their services, guarantees and testimonials.
  • Try to give the staffing service a lead time of several days up to a couple of weeks, allowing them to screen enough candidates to get the best person possible for you.
  • Ask the agency for a candidate summary, not just a resume. The summary should include test scores, personality highlights and verifications (of references, background checks, licenses, degrees and past employment). It should also explain why the candidate is a good fit for you.
  • Move quickly. The best staffing agencies have many positions to offer and therefore attract the bestTop candidates are selected quickly. So, asking to “see one more candidate” can cost you the best one, who decides to take another position. This is especially true in today’s job market.

With TriStarr, you can anticipate complete satisfaction because we will work to find the person best suited for your temp job and your business. We guarantee it.

Before sending you a high-performing employee who meets your needs, one of our staffing professionals will meet with you to learn all about the position, your company and its culture. This enables us to determine the technical skills and personality traits required to fill your temporary or temp-to-hire position.

Whether you’re looking for temporary administrative staffing (say, receptionist, data entry clerk or administrative assistant) or short-term professional and IT staffing (such as HR manager, accounting professional or IT support specialist), all of our temp service employees go through a rigorous, six-step evaluation process to be registered with our staffing agency.

This uniquely specialized process ensures we give you the best employees possible—ones we would be proud to have on our own team—who will deliver a stellar performance. We measure hard skills, e.g., proficiency in Microsoft Excel or Word, and soft skills, e.g., analytic thinking and vocabulary, and prepare for you a detailed candidate profile form. Our employment agency’s evaluation process has proven effective in successfully finding people who are great fits for our clients, saving them time and money.

And on those occasions when you need someone right away, we’re prepared to meet the challenge, relying on our staffing company’s pool of prescreened candidates who are ready to report to work.

With more than 60 combined years of recruiting and hiring experience, the TriStarr management team has perfected its hiring processes to provide you temp employees with the skills, knowledge and personal qualities you need to be compatible with your company and do the job to your highest satisfaction.

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