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What is “temp-to-hire”? And what are its advantages?

Just as more people are choosing temporary jobs for the flexibility they provide, more businesses are using temps to meet their limited-term staffing needs.

But, many times, a business feels a temp position might develop into a permanent one…or has a permanent position to fill, but prefers to have someone try it out first. That’s when businesses adopt the increasingly common “temp-to-hire” employment strategy.

The job search website CareerBuilder says that 58 percent of employers who plan to add temporary or contract workers in 2016 hope to transition some of them into permanent jobs during the year.

So, what are the advantages to a business using a temp-to-hire approach?

  1. Before making a permanent hiring decision, the company can determine if the prospective employee is a good match for the position and company culture.
  2. Likewise, the employee has the opportunity to try out the position and determine if the job and company culture are an appropriate fit.
  3. It gives the company time to decide on the permanence of the position. If the company decides against the need for a permanent position, the temp service can end the arrangement easily, as no commitment to hire has been made.
  4. The staffing agency reviews candidates and provides the benefits during the temp phase of temp-to-hire, saving the company time and hassle.

Temp-to-hire has been getting high marks from personnel directors and mid- and upper-level managers. The business publication Fast Company says, “Temporary talent can be a great way to deal with a short-term problem while nurturing a long-term solution…Setting a trial period for a temporary hire will allow you to see if this candidate’s passion translates into value for the company and an ability to learn new skills and grow into a great employee.”

At TriStarr, a professional staffing and recruiting employment agency in Lancaster, PA, we have worked with many companies on temp-to-hire arrangements to their great satisfaction. As with all of our positions, we fulfill every aspect of our six-step candidate evaluation process, including web-based testing, skills and personality assessments, a face-to-face interview, and reference and background checks.

If you’re considering adding a new position or filling a current one, but aren’t sure you’re ready to commit to a permanent position, give temp-to-hire a try. It can buy you additional time, reduce your hiring risk and allow you to make a more cautious decision about the position and the best candidate.

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