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Temporary staffing can solve your problems while saving you money

When looking for the right person for an important temp job, this is an HR manager’s mental checklist:

  • Committed high-performer
  • Skilled problem-solver
  • Best fit for our company
  • Cost savings of using temp agency
  • Good overall investment

I know—because I’ve been that manager in need of a temp.

Lately, we’ve been really busy here at the employment agency. I’m not complaining—that’s great! But compliance with the Affordable Care Act is more time-consuming than we expected. One of our senior-level employees was spending much of her time chasing insurance forms from employees, managing their start and end dates, and monitoring their on-again, off-again coverage. Even though she was working more hours, some vital accounting functions weren’t being addressed.

We couldn’t justify creating a new position, but then we realized … “Hey, we need a temp!” What a concept! Now, a few months later, we’re caught up, with a great temp who fits in well and without the expense of a permanent hire.

Although we’re a staffing agency, committed to finding the right temps for our clients, sometimes we are the client, and that’s a valuable experience for us. It gives us a window into our clients’ daily challenges. It reinforces for us the need to save money for our clients while working with them to solve their problems.

Our processes to evaluate temporary staff help us deliver a high success rate—meaning substantially better performance and lower turnover—when placing people. Our evaluations save our clients time and money and also increase the temp’s chances of success on the job. All of our temp service employees undergo a thorough six-step evaluation process to be registered with our temp staffing agency. We assess for knowledge and skill as well as for personality and compatibility with the company’s culture.

The TriStarr management team has perfected its hiring processes to provide you with temps having the capability, knowledge and personal qualities you need to be company-compatible and perform to your expectations.

Need a data entry clerk? We’ll get you one. Accounting assistant? You bet. HR specialist? We can find one. IT support specialist? No problem. Whether you’re in need of temporary administrative staffing or short-term professional and IT staffing, TriStarr Professional Staffing provides experienced professionals in fields including finance, technology, human resources, marketing and sales.

With TriStarr, a professional temp staffing and recruiting agency in Lancaster, Pa., you can count on us to find the person best suited for your temp job and your company. And our temp service and recruiting services are backed by our Good People Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll replace the person or refund your money.

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