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The best recruiters find candidates no one else knows about

When companies decide to do a wide search for the perfect candidate, they generally engage executive recruiters (we’re affectionately known as headhunters). They’re often surprised when we find that individual—an accomplished performer within their industry whom they knew nothing about. While I’m sworn to secrecy on specific trade secrets, I’m happy to shed light on how we track down the right person for the job.

Executive search firms, including our Lancaster recruiting agency, spend countless hours building relationships before actual recruitment begins. The preliminaries include zeroing in on top candidates, maintaining contact with them and encouraging them to consider prospective positions.

With paid subscriptions to specialized websites, we have sophisticated search capabilities that give us access to high-level professionals, enabling us to begin a dialogue with them. We learn what types of positions interest them and get referrals to other high-performing colleagues as well. Then we maintain regular contact with those who are actively searching for new positions.

Professional recruiting is a time-consuming and labor-intensive business, so the best recruiters are the few who are willing to devote those resources to the ongoing search process.

In addition, we forge contacts with leaders of professional associations, chat people up at trade shows and monitor online professional forums, discussion groups and networking sites. By being part of the conversation—whether in person, by phone or on the web—we can get to know the executives and high-level professionals who excel in their fields. And, even if they’re not open to a job change now, they might feel differently in six months or a year. Then, we strike while the iron is hot.

It’s true, of course, that without a recruiter, company HR professionals can take steps on their own: posting open positions on their website, social media job-posting sites and those of professional organizations. Of course, we use those tools, as well. However, with those alone you reach a much smaller pool of candidates—they have to find your position. With our recruiting, we don’t wait for that to happen. We find them, often landing a perfect candidate who wasn’t even actively looking for a new position.

As I said earlier, all of this takes time, and to quote a mid-career Benjamin Franklin, “Time is money.” Ben was a wise man, and if he were a businessman today, I’m pretty sure he would use a recruiter.

If you would like help with finding, interviewing and assessing the right candidates for a high-level, full-time position, I hope you will talk with us here at TriStarr, an administrative employment agency and HR consulting firm with recruiters (or if you prefer, headhunters) in Lancaster, PA.

With more than 60 combined years of recruiting and temp agency experience, we find the candidates who are a great fit almost every time. And, though it’s rarely necessary, we back our recruiting with our Good People Guarantee.

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