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5 signs that you need a professional recruiter

Many hiring managers have had the experience of recruiting for a position themselves until they ran into trouble and sent an SOS to a recruiting firm. And that’s fine—we know they may have sound reasons to conduct the recruiting process themselves.

Sometimes, however, soliciting a recruiter’s help at the beginning is best, because it can save unnecessary stress and frustration. So, what are the signs that a professional recruiter’s assistance would be a good investment for you and your company?

Your answers to a few questions can help you decide.

  1. Too much time – Have you lost top candidates in the past because your recruitment process dragged on too long? Has a slow recruiting process and the unfilled position stalled your company’s progress on key projects?


  1. Too much trouble – In past recruiting, have you hired promising people only to soon realize that you hired the wrong ones? Have you had trouble finding candidates with the skills and experience you need? Have you gotten, say, dozens of resumes that are all over the lot when all you really needed was a few good ones?


  1. Too much turnover – Do you have high turnover in some departments? Has this turnover caused productivity, financial or scheduling issues for your company? This may relate to recruiting people ill-suited to the positions.


  1. Too much demand – Do you hire for positions requiring technical or specific skills that are in high demand? Do you face tough competition in your region in hiring these highly skilled workers?


  1. Not enough tools – Do you have access to the finest search tools and recruiting technology? Do you subscribe to specialized websites that give you access to the best high-level professionals in your industry? Do you routinely build a database of potential candidates for a wide range of positions?

Recruiting agencies can find the best performers in your industry—many of whom you don’t know about—and substantially increase the odds of a successful placement. In fact, recruiters build relationships with many top people before your recruitment process ever begins. They can zero in on A-list professionals through trade shows, specialized websites, sophisticated search programs and online networking sites, and stay in contact with them until the right position opens.

If you have never collaborated with a recruitment employment agency, you may not realize all that we can do for you. Finding strong candidates, and then screening, assessing, interviewing and negotiating with them, is a strategic process, and we can help you through every step.

We use a precise, six-step candidate evaluation process to find the best employees who also would be the right fit for your business. We assess for skills and knowledge, but also for personality and compatibility. That’s why we have such a high placement success rate and why, ultimately, our clients save time and money by using us as their recruiter.

The best professionals are hard to find, but we have the skills and processes to find them. At Tristarr, we stand by our placements with our Good People Guarantee. Our guarantee goes into effect if our clients aren’t satisfied with someone we recruited. In that case, we replace the person with another candidate at no charge or provide a prorated refund.

TriStarr is an administrative employment agency and HR consulting firm with recruiters (or, headhunters) in Lancaster, PA. With more than 60 combined years of recruiting and temp agency experience, we find the candidates who are a great fit. Contact us today through our website or call us at 717-560-2111.

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