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How to retain employees – 5 ways to keep your high-performers

Successful business leaders know that to remain profitable, they must try to retain their best employees. While competitive salaries and benefits go a long way in recruiting industry stars, those rewards aren’t always enough to keep them.

A 2017 Nielson survey of 1,600 American and Canadian employees, done for the international HR technology firm Ceridian, found that high-performers:

  • Prioritize learning and development opportunities – 91%
  • Work for companies with clear values – 85%
  • Know their companies’ business goals – 72%

What do your best employees want from work?

High performers want to do work that is professionally and personally satisfying and to know that their work contributes to the company’s success.

With that in mind, here are a few ways to keep your top performers.

  1. Offer training opportunities that can help them advance within your company.
  2. Promote and model company values.
  3. Communicate the company’s business goals.

In the survey, 38 percent of the high-performing employees were actively looking for new jobs, mostly in search of higher pay. But of the majority who were not looking, among the reasons cited for remaining with their current employer were friendly relationships with colleagues, favorable working conditions and a good salary. Of course, salary remains important, but these other factors can be equally significant.

Here then are two additional tips for retaining top employees.

  1. Create opportunities for cooperation and camaraderie among co-workers.
  2. Provide a positive and attractive work environment.

Though salary may not be the end-all for job satisfaction, people who are happy with their salaries tend to be more satisfied with these other measurements as well, according to the survey’s report from Ceridian. So, continue to reward your top employees as best you can, but don’t overlook other factors that may be just as or even more important to them. 

Need new high performers? Talk with our recruitment agency in Lancaster, PA

As much as you would like to keep every high-achieving employee, you are likely to lose some occasionally. When that happens, talk with us here at TriStarr. Finding, screening and negotiating with the best employment candidates is a strategic process, and we can save you time by helping you through every step.

TriStarr, a Lancaster, PA recruitment and staffing agency and HR consulting firm, has more than 60 combined years of experience in recruiting and administrative staffing services. We can find candidates who are a great fit for your employment needs. Our recruiting agency stands by our Good People Guarantee. If a client isn’t pleased with a professional we have recruited, we will replace the person with another candidate at no cost or provide a refund.

If you would like assistance from professional job recruiters (“headhunters”) to find the right candidates in a tough job market, contact us online or call us at (717) 560-2111. The TriStarr recruitment employment agency serves the Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Hershey and Reading employment markets.

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