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Why are so many people filling temp jobs today?

In Pennsylvania in 2016, about 114,000 temp workers were on the job each week and 517,000 over the course of the year, according to the American Staffing Association. That’s a sizable temp force, and that’s good news.

Temps are in high demand, and more people are responding to the need

Temporary employees are in high demand in our current strong economy and strong job market, with companies increasingly needing workers for short- or long-term assignments. As employers are challenged by finding the right permanent employees, they are depending on temp services more and more to fill the gaps. Fortunately for those employers, they are discovering that today’s temp workers are often experienced, well-educated and highly skilled.

But just why are so many people temping? Temporary work placements are a perfect fit for many people. Some choose temp work for its flexibility (“I can say when I’m free to work”) and variety (“I enjoy the range of positions and workplaces”). Others see temp jobs as an opportunity to learn new skills and expand existing ones to become more marketable. With improved skills in hand, some are even offered full-time employment. And while it may not be the norm, some discover that their overall compensation at their temp assignment is greater than it was at their previous job.

Who are the temporary workers in 2018?

So, the appeal of temping is clear, but who is doing it? People of many different ages, educational levels and skill sets register with staffing companies.

Here are descriptions of temps that we see quite often at our employment staffing service.

  • Newly relocated to area and “testing the waters”
  • Retired, but wanting to keep mind and body active
  • Newly unemployed or in between jobs
  • Available for seasonal employment only
  • In college, looking for practical career experience
  • Newly graduated, in need of experience before starting a full-time job
  • Interested in learning new skills and possibly changing careers

Temp staffing agencies can fill your spot, and save you time and money

Temping is a win-win relationship between an employer and a temp worker. Businesses find that hiring temps can reduce their labor costs, unemployment claims and time spent on recruitment. And as we work with them to resolve employee issues, we can often save them money as well.

When you need a temporary staff person to fill an essential role, you want more than someone who is simply available immediately. You want a person who is skilled, committed and a good fit for your company.

At TriStarr, we will send you the most suitable, high-performing individual who has the job skills and personality traits required to fill your temporary or temp-to-hire position.

Whether you’re looking for temporary administrative staffing in Lancaster or short-term professional and IT staffing, all of our temp service employees go through a six-step evaluation process to be registered with our staffing agency.

This process ensures we give you the most qualified employees possible. We measure hard skills, e.g., proficiency in Microsoft Excel or Word, and soft skills, e.g., analytic thinking and vocabulary, and prepare a detailed candidate profile for you. Our employment agency’s evaluation process regularly finds people who are great fits for our clients, saving them time and money.

With TriStarr, you can anticipate complete satisfaction because we will work to find the person best suited for your temp job and your business. We guarantee it.

TriStarr is a professional employment and temp agency in Lancaster, Pa., also serving Harrisburg, York, Lebanon and Reading. Contact us online, or give us a call at (717) 560-2111.

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