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New technology helps recruiters attract, screen temps and full-time candidates

Following up on my recent blog post on how to check references, I now want to talk about several new technologies we’re using to streamline and speed up the recruitment and hiring process, including reference checking.

Online tool makes checking references easier for job recruiters

To efficiently collect and file candidates’ written references, we now use an online tool that lets candidates easily upload the contact information of persons writing their references, who can then anonymously upload their responses. Not only is this process a timesaver, but it lets us capture more references per candidate and collect more in-depth information than we often get by phone.

This tool operates on the principle of collective intelligence. Its algorithm calculates and ranks the written references based on rating scores and on who is making the reference (supervisor, co-worker, teacher or friend). If we have questions or concerns regarding a specific submission, we can still follow up by phone if we choose.

Recruiting candidates is at our fingertips more than ever before

It seems not so many years ago that we transitioned from the phone to email as our primary means of reaching candidates about positions. Today, recognizing that millennials (born in the 1980s and ‘90s) keep in touch differently from earlier generations, we’re meeting their needs by communicating with methods they prefer and use.

Advances in technology now allow recruiting agencies like TriStarr to group-text temps and full-time candidates to inform them of positions that might interest them. Texting allows us to reach a few individuals or several hundred at once and for them to respond quickly to our designated team member. We have found that texting improves our candidates’ experience by reaching them immediately about openings and making it easy for them to respond as soon as they can. This exchange results in substantial time savings for job candidates, as well as for our staffing and recruiting team members.

Though job boards, email and the phone still have their places and can be effective, they can’t compare to texting in terms of efficiency and speed for job recruiters who are finding candidates.

We use the web to better engage and communicate with job candidates

To engage job seekers and candidates in real time, we have begun to use online chat on our web site, which is particularly effective on our job postings page. We also use web analytics to determine how our candidates find us online, whether on our website, social media sites or specific social media posts. I anticipate that we will someday soon use algorithms and artificial intelligence regularly to recruit and screen candidates.

Could you benefit from assistance with recruiting or hiring employees?

Bad hires can often be avoided—and time and money saved—by checking references of potential employees. Though you can do that yourself, you might consider having the professionals at a staffing and recruiting agency assist you with reference checks and other aspects of the interviewing and hiring process. 

The recruiters and employment specialists at our recruiting/temp staffing agency and HR consulting firm can assist you, whether you are filling a full-time position or need temporary administrative staffing or professional staffing services. At TriStarr, we screen candidates by checking backgrounds, doing personality/behavioral assessments, and conducting in-depth interviews. Our team of professionals will help you find the best candidates and hire the most qualified employees.

TriStarr is a professional temp and employment agency in Lancaster, Pa., also serving Harrisburg, York, Lebanon, and Reading. Contact us online, or give us a call at (717) 560-2111.

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