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10 pet peeves we look for when hiring employees for temp jobs

We can’t read your mind. But chances are the same employee behaviors that drive you crazy are pet peeves for us, too. So, before our temp staffing agency sends employees to your company, we screen them for a list of personal qualities that could make them difficult or impossible to work with.

Here is our list of the ten most irritating employee behaviors, gathered from our own staffing experts and peers in the staffing services industry. Do any sound familiar?

  1. Sharing too much personal information
  2. Talking about politics or inflammatory subjects
  3. Criticizing current and former co-workers
  4. Being distracted in meetings or conversation
  5. Not responding to calls or emails in a timely manner
  6. Running late for work or meetings
  7. Taking credit for fellow employees’ work
  8. Gossiping about co-workers
  9. Being unprepared for meetings or interviews
  10. Not dressing properly for work

We look for signs of these bad behaviors in interviews, phone calls, and email correspondence. Of course, we also screen for positive qualities in temps we hire, and we see several characteristics consistently in our best performers. Check out our blog post on the seven qualities of the best temp employees.

TriStarr’s temp agency evaluates, selects employees for the best fit possible

All our temp service employees go through a six-step evaluation process to be registered with our temporary staffing agency. We assess for knowledge, skill, personality, and compatibility with the company’s culture. Our process to evaluate candidates for temp jobs contributes to our excellent success rate—resulting in higher performance and lower turnover.

The temp staffing professionals at TriStarr have developed hiring processes to place temps who have the knowledge, skills, and personal qualities you want in employees representing your company. Whether you’re looking to fill temporary administrative assistant jobs or IT staffing positions, the TriStarr employment agency has experienced specialists in finance, technology, human resources, marketing, sales, and more.

Our temp service and recruiting services are backed by our Good People Guarantee. If you’re not 100 percent satisfied, we’ll replace the person or refund your money.

With TriStarr, a professional staffing service and recruiting agency in Lancaster, PA, you can count on us to find the people best suited for your job and your company.

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