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When recruiting top candidates, you’re a buyer and a seller. Here’s how to sell

In a tight job market, top performers might have several employment prospects from which to choose. Don’t assume they will want to work for you simply because you have the “perfect job” at a “great salary.”

Like most business propositions, hiring involves a buyer and a seller. But the roles are reversible. The buyer (employer) is also a seller, and the seller (candidate) is a buyer, too. In the current job seeker’s market, you must work harder to sell an A-list candidate on your company, as well as the job.

At Tri-Starr, a Lancaster recruitment agency, we work daily to fulfill the needs of employer clients who are looking for the right people for management and other professional positions. As experienced job recruiters, we know the many elements that attract leading candidates and sell them on the company and the job.

When selling your company to top candidates, strive to appeal to them in these key areas

  • Position – Emphasize the position’s importance to the company and how it supports the company’s mission. Be clear on the job responsibilities and provide an accurate, specific job description.
  • Professional development – Tell them how they will benefit from professional growth at your company. Advise them of training opportunities and potential for advancement within the company.
  • Benefits – Explain the standard benefits (health, vacation, retirement) as well as non-traditional ones. Younger employees often seek a work-life balance, not just a good salary. Are there areas where you can offer flexibility? Can you provide a benefit that’s unique for your industry?
  • Company culture – Describe your company’s environment and how employees interact and collaborate. What do employees like about working there? Support that with facts or examples.
  • Hospitality – Candidates will see a reflection of the company in the people they meet there. If you think your company is a good place to work, ensure that it’s portrayed that way. See that everyone is consistent in their messaging to give candidates a clear, true picture.
  • Honesty – Candidly discuss what’s most important to them. Try to meet their primary needs, but if you can’t, it’s best to acknowledge it now. Don’t make promises that might be broken. You will spare them and yourself later disappointment and frustration.

When selling your company to a potential hire, you should also be aware of your company’s online reputation. Job applicants, particularly younger ones, are increasingly aware of what employees and former employers say about you. We realize online reviews may not fairly represent your company, as dissatisfied people are more inclined to post reviews than those who are content. Even so, you would be wise to monitor and manage your company’s online reputation. How can you do that? Read our earlier blog post, “Preserve and polish your online reputation.”

If you are considering recruitment outsourcing, which can save you time and money, contact us online or call us at (717) 560-2111. The team of experienced professionals at TriStarr recruiting/staffing agency and HR consulting service can find candidates who are leaders in their fields.

That’s why we gladly compare our performance record with our competitors’. We even back our recruiting with our Good People Guarantee. If a TriStarr client isn’t pleased with a professional we have recruited, our guarantee takes effect. Our recruiters (aka headhunters) will replace the person with another candidate at no cost or provide an agreed-upon, prorated refund.

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