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Five signs that your company would benefit from temp staffing

How do you decide if temp staffing would be the right solution for your company or department? Though everyone’s workforce needs are different, there are common signals that a temp or two (or more) can provide you the support you need, and quickly.

Here are five signs that you may benefit from temp staffing services

  1. Seasonal workforce changes – If your demand for workers fluctuates, hiring temps can save your company a lot of money during busy seasons and short-term projects. You can increase or decrease your workforce as necessary and with minimum hassle.
  2. Reducing hiring costs – Using temps can save you money on recruiting, interviewing and training full-time staff, plus unemployment claims and lost productivity when new employees don’t work out.
  3. Job relief – Some of your employees may have too many responsibilities or feel overworked. Don’t wait until burnout motivates them to leave. Overall productivity might increase if a portion of some jobs were delegated to temps.
  4. Trying before buying – To avoid hiring the wrong person for a particular job, consider making it a temp-to-hire position. After the temp demonstrates that he or she is a good fit and can do the job well, you can make the temp a permanent employee. If not, you’re not locked in.
  5. Difficulty finding the right skills – The current low unemployment rate can spell trouble when looking for someone with just the right skills. Try filling that gap with a temp employee until you can recruit the best full-timer you can find. Many temps have great skills, but just prefer temp work to full-time positions.

Temporary workers are in high demand in our current strong economy and tight job market, with companies increasingly needing workers for short- or long-term assignments. As employers are challenged by searching for the right permanent employees, they are depending on temp services more and more. Fortunately for those employers, they discover that today’s temp workers are experienced, educated and skilled, and should be a good fit for their company.

Temp agencies can find you the workers you need, and save you time and money

TriStarr’s evaluation processes substantially increase our temps’ chances of success on the job—saving you time and money. All our temp service employees participate in a comprehensive six-step evaluation process to be registered with our temp staffing agency. We assess for knowledge and skill, but also for personality and compatibility with your company’s culture.

What do you need? Whether it’s a data entry clerk, accounting assistant, HR specialist or IT support specialist, we can locate one for you. If you want temporary administrative staffing or short-term professional and IT staffing, our professional staffing specialists can get you experienced professionals in finance, technology, human resources, marketing, sales, and more.

TriStarr will send you high-performing workers who have the job skills and personality traits required to fill your temporary positions. Our temp services are backed by our Good People Guarantee. If you’re not 100 percent satisfied, we’ll replace the person or refund your money.

Contact us online, or give us a call at our office in Lancaster, PA at (717) 560-2111.

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