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Building productive workplace teams with shared vision for success

Our 21st century focus on teams isn’t new. Successful industry executives and entrepreneurs have long recognized the value of teams in fulfilling a company’s purpose and producing positive results.

Industry titan Andrew Carnegie was a proponent of teamwork, defining it as “the ability to work together toward a common vision.” And his contemporary Henry Ford said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Those are inspiring and convincing words, but even the firmest believers in teamwork can find it difficult to put into action. While a workplace retreat can be effective, gains made in a single day are too often lost upon return to the office. So, how can managers build teams of employees who embrace shared goals to produce profitable outcomes?

Want to create successful teams? Focus on these five qualities

  • Leadership – Establish yourself as the leader. Set goals for the team that can be linked to the company’s success. Delegate responsibilities that will foster individual professional growth and will help achieve the team’s goals. Be objective and fair in resolving conflicts among team members.
  • Trust –Trust in your employees’ abilities to perform their jobs well and allow them to make independent decisions as much as possible. The more you show employees that you trust them, the more they will trust you.
  • Communication – Share information clearly and honestly with the whole team. Listen to employees when they express concerns or offer suggestions. Encourage team members to communicate openly and regularly with each other.
  • Responsibility – Help employees understand how their roles and commitment to the team’s goals contribute to the success of the company. Let them make decisions within their scope of responsibility. Provide them with training as needed.
  • Respect – Appreciate and value each team member’s skills and traits. Acknowledge and accept differing opinions. Reward team members for contributions to the success of the department and company.

By the way, some workplace teams find benefits in using digital communications tools, such as Slack, for collaborating on projects. In fact, employees of our human resources consulting firm use Slack to simplify planning and scheduling and to communicate with each other. If you think such a tool could help your teams work together more efficiently, see our blog post from earlier this year on using Slack.

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