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7 benefits recruiters offer job seekers in their search

Transitioning from unemployment or underemployment to a position that’s professionally, personally, and financially fulfilling can be one of life’s most arduous tasks. And while Central Pennsylvania’s tight job market currently favors job seekers, the hunt can lead to undue stress and even burnout when going it alone. As Charlie Kelly facetiously gripes in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “Why don’t I strap on my job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and fire off into jobland?!”

Job recruitment companies like Tristarr Staffing exist to make that journey out of the “job cannon” and into “jobland” just a little bit easier. We recognize, however, that it can be daunting to take that first step. If you’re on the fence about utilizing recruiting agencies, consider these seven ways executive headhunters help place candidates like you:

  1. They connect you with prospects. A recruitment agency provides unparalleled access to jobs and positions that often aren’t widely advertised online or offline. As more companies search for qualified candidates every day, recruiters typically have knowledge of job openings first. This gives you a competitive edge over those who stick to prowling job boards like Monster and Indeed to secure a new role.
  1. They shepherd the process. There are many facets of a quality recruitment strategy, starting from the desire for a new job all the way to your first day on the job. Each step of the way you are guided by a recruiter who wants to see you and their client succeed. 
  1. They offer interview coaching and general office etiquette tips. Interviewing can be tough, even for the most extroverted among us. Recruiters offer question-and-answer coaching and even wardrobe tips. This way you can focus on impressing interviewers with your professional prowess and interaction skills.
  1. They help refine your resume and polish your application packet. Experienced staffing managers can guide you to valuable resources that can better articulate your skill set and experience.
  1. They maintain confidentiality. Searching for a new role while employed can become a balancing act. It’s generally best for everyone to minimize any chance of word getting back to your current employer that you’re looking elsewhere. Recruitment agencies place an emphasis on confidentiality in your job search so you remain protected.
  1. They negotiate on your behalf. Money talk can be tricky, especially earlier in your career. For some, it remains tricky forever. Inexperienced negotiators face the possibility of losing out on higher salary, select benefits, and, in the worst-case scenario, even on the job itself. Thankfully, recruiters know how to guide you through the negotiation process.
  2. They seal the deal. Recruiters see the process through to the end and celebrate along with job seekers when an offer letter hits their desk.

At TriStarr, when we assess candidates, we use a six-step candidate evaluation process. We assess knowledge and skills, as well as personality and compatibility, resulting in a high placement success rate and overall employer/employee happiness. This helps us find the most qualified and suitable candidates to ensure a good fit for all involved parties.

TriStarr is a Lancaster recruitment agency also serving clients in Lebanon, Harrisburg, Hershey, York, and Reading. Contact us online or call us at (717) 560-2111.

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