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Watch for these seven red flags when recruiting employees

Did you hear the one about the job candidate who texted with his mother for responses as he filled out a job application? Or the one about the guy who didn’t remove his motorcycle helmet for his job interview?These aren’t jokes missing their punchlines, but rather real stories about candidates who raised red flags before they could be hired. (We’ll give the biker credit for flipping up his visor.)

When you’re recruiting employees, pay attention to red flags that can signal trouble ahead should certain candidates be hired. If you encounter red flags during the recruitment process, it’s best to heed them and not wish them away.

So, what are the most conspicuous warning signs? Do frequent job changes still matter? Maybe. Do typos on resumes still matter? Yep.

These issues should raise concerns when recruiting employees

  1. Resume issues – To be sure, spelling and grammar still matter because good written and verbal communication skills remain important. But resume issues can go deeper and include poor organization, vague experience, incomplete information, and lack of measurable results.
  1. Questionable work history – While frequent job changes can have valid reasons, particularly with younger employees, inquire to find out why. Be alert to large gaps in employment and jobs without clear dates, and ask about those also.
  1. Interview conduct – As you determine candidates’ qualifications, tune in to other issues as well. Criticizing past supervisors or co-workers indicates a personality of blame. Showing more interest in the job’s benefits than in the position and company shows self-centeredness. Vague responses or ones that don’t answer your questions reveal a desire to hide something.
  1. Resisting references – If candidates are slow in supplying references or don’t offer references for any previous supervisors, they may be signaling troubling episodes in the past for which they are responsible.
  1. Rudeness – Most of the time, candidates will be friendly and pleasant with their interviewer, but how did they interact with your receptionist or HR assistant? Disrespect or impatience toward co-workers are not traits you want in a new member of your team.
  1. Taking too long with paperwork – People who are really interested in a position are normally prompt in responding to requests for additional information. Taking too much time to schedule testing or provide documentation may indicate a lack of organization or signal that your opportunity really isn’t a priority for them.
  1. Poor appearance – While I shouldn’t have to mention this one—a no-brainer, right?—I will because it is so important. If candidates aren’t dressing or grooming to impress at the interview, you can expect them to adopt a lackadaisical approach to their appearance when on the job.

Save time and trouble and increase odds of success with professional recruiters

Recruiting employees can be a long, time-consuming process, as well as a frustrating one. Professional job recruiters can help you to find candidates, interview them, assess them, do reference checks, and handle ongoing communications with them.

The recruiters and employment specialists at our staffing and recruiting agency can assist and advise you, whether you’re recruiting employees for full-time positions or need temporary staffing services. At TriStarr, we screen candidates by checking backgrounds, doing personality/behavioral assessments, and conducting in-depth interviews. Our team of professionals can help you find candidates who are highly qualified and well-suited for your positions.

TriStarr is a professional staffing, recruiting and HR consulting agency in Lancaster, Pa., also serving Harrisburg, York, Lebanon, and Reading. Contact us online, or give us a call at (717) 560-2111.

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