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Busting Staffing Myths: Challenging 4 Common Misconceptions

You feel like your job search has reached a dead end. All the excitement you felt when you first started looking for your next big opportunity has deteriorated into frustration and despair, as you fruitlessly send out resume after resume and attend uninspiring interview after uninspiring interview.

You’re looking for an escape from the job-search treadmill. People have suggested a staffing agency as a possibility, but you’re reluctant. From what you’ve heard, using a recruiter doesn’t seem like the best option for you.

But before making a final decision, you might want to dig a little deeper. People often go into the job search with preconceived notions about staffing agencies. But many of those assumptions are wrong.

Here are four common myths about the staffing industry and the truth about how a recruiter can help facilitate your next opportunity.

1) Myth: Recruiters Only Offer Temporary Positions

It’s true: Many staffing firms provide short-term gigs. That only represents a portion of what recruiters do. Most agencies offer a variety of placements, allowing job seekers to set their own balance between flexibility and long-term commitment.

Think of it like a dating site. Some people prefer a casual relationship. Others are looking for something long term. The matchmaker can facilitate everyone’s preference.

One of the best qualities of a recruiting firm is they can tailor their services to the specific situation. If you want to try out short-term gigs, or your situation requires a certain level of flexibility, a recruiter can find you a perfect placement. If you are looking for stability and the chance to build a lasting relationship with an employer, a recruiter can help you find that opportunity as well.

2) Myth: You Have to Pay the Agency

Running a staffing firm is a business. For all the help they provide job seekers, recruiters can’t survive on a sense of accomplishment. The operation requires revenue to survive.

This fact makes some job seekers cautious. They suspect that, at some point, the agency will ask them for money. They come into the recruiter with their eyes narrowed and “What’s in it for you?” ready on their lips.

In fact, most staffing firms receive payment from the companies making the hires, not from the job seekers themselves. The agency gets paid when they make a placement – by the company making the hire. It’s in the recruiter’s best interest to match you with the right placement.

3) Myth: They Only Offer Entry-Level Positions

Another significant myth: Staffing agencies are only good for placing low-level office grunts and interchangeable industrial fodder. Meanwhile, you’re looking for something further up the corporate ladder, or at least an opportunity to develop longer-term skills.

While recruiters are great at finding entry-level positions for people trying to break into an industry, they offer plenty of other options as well. Staffing firms serve all parts of the corporate spectrum, from temp gigs to full-time employment in positions that require advanced degrees. In fact, many recruiters specialize in specific areas, like placing accountants or lawyers.

4) Myth: Staffing Agencies Don’t Care About You

The main misconception about staffing companies comes from the fact that people are their business. In a way, job seekers represent the recruiter’s main product; the thing they offer to their corporate partners.

That may be true, but it doesn’t mean the agency sees you like McDonald’s sees a hamburger patty or Starbucks sees a coffee bean. The staffing companies build a reputation by placing talented, happy, qualified personnel. It’s in everyone’s best interest for you to succeed.

Find New Opportunities

Partnering with a staffing firm is a great way to accelerate your job search. Whether you’re looking for short term or long term, a recruiter can put you in the ideal position for your career situation. Contact TriStarr today for more information about how we can get you into the ideal work situation.

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