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Save Time Looking for Your Perfect Administrative Job

Administrative positions provide a great building block for long-term career development. You get the opportunity to learn diverse skills, have contact with company decision makers and soak in valuable experience you can turn into earning power and advancement potential down the road.

However, administrative jobs can be difficult to land. They require a broad set of skills, from communication to organization to specialized industry-dependent knowledge. Meanwhile, because they have strong long-term potential, securing a position often requires winning out in a very competitive process.

All this can make searching for an admin position difficult and demoralizing. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. Teaming with a recruiter creates a short cut to finding the best assignments. You’ll find better jobs and spend less time out of work.

Here are four ways a recruiter makes searching for an administrative job faster and easier:

Streamline Your Job Search

Finding a job can represent a long and tedious process – constantly searching job sites, submitting resumes and trudging off to interviews. Working with a recruiter can simplify the procedure.

Once you submit your information to the staffing firm, they do the heavy lifting. They know your skills and your preferences, allowing them to steer you towards the perfect administrative position for you.

Shrink the Time Between Jobs

The time between jobs can be scary and stressful. The longer you search for a new position, the harder it gets to pay your bills and the more the prospect of a shrinking bank account weighs on your mind. Meanwhile, being out of work can erode your self-confidence.

A recruiter can significantly reduce the expensive (and depressing) period of unemployment. A good staffing firm will have contact with hundreds of potential employers. They can tap into that network to find dozens of places looking for administrative help.

Expert Advice

Another depressing aspect of a typical job search comes from the sense of loneliness. Your friends and family will give you emotional support, but they can’t help you with the search itself.

A recruiter can provide the advice and direction you need. Meaning, you don’t have to be alone anymore. The staffing firm can help you improve your resume, hone your interview skills and unlock hidden selling points you didn’t know you had.

Not only will this make you a better candidate, but it will boost your confidence. You can chase away that feeling of being alone, knowing you have a set of expert professionals backing you up.

Try Before You Buy

Your job search is finally over. You’ve landed what you thought was your administrative gig. But is it?

Going into a new position, you don’t have a lot of information. You can learn about a company through online research and you get to meet a few people during the interview process. But, for the most part, the details of the company’s moment-to-moment work life are a mystery as you walk through the doors for your first day.

What if you don’t like the company, or your co-workers, or your boss? Do you have to quit and start the process over again?

Working with a recruiter eases these concerns. Since they can provide you with new opportunities relatively quickly, the risk of a bad placement is low. You can let the staffing firm know you’re unhappy, and they can work with you to wrap up that assignment and look for a new one.

Kick-Start Your Career

Ready to start using a recruiter to fast-track your search for an admin position? TriStarr is the perfect place for you. Our expert staff can accelerate your placement and steer you to the perfect position for your long-term growth.

Contact TriStarr today to find out more.

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