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Busting Staffing Myths: The Truth About Recruiters

Working with a staffing firm brings significant benefits. A recruiter can shorten the length of time needed to find an opportunity. They can help you sharpen your ability to land better positions and they will help you prepare for a placement, so you feel confident from day one.

Still, many people remain misinformed about how staffing firms work. They worry about how an agency’s business model will impact the way it treats the candidates it’s looking to place.

No one wants to be treated like an anonymous product. However, recruiters are incentivized to care about their candidates. It’s not just the right thing to do; it’s good business as well.

Here are some of the top myths about working with a staffing agency, as well as the truth about what you should expect:

Myth: A Recruiter Will Throw You Into Any Open Position

A recruiter won’t just cycle you through open positions until you find one that sticks. Clients get annoyed when a staffing firm sends a candidate that doesn’t fit the situation.

If a person shows up with the wrong skills, or if they leave before the end of the placement because they are dissatisfied with the situation, it reflects badly on the recruiter.

Therefore, it’s in the best interest of the staffing firm to fit every person into the ideal placement. Happy candidates mean happy corporate clients. For that reason, a good recruiter will think deeply about the perfect situation; meaning you can be assured that every placement is a good placement for you.

Myth: You’ll Get Treated Like a Product

Some workers worry that a staffing firm will see them as little more than a resume, a name paired with a skill listing. But matching candidates with opportunities isn’t like setting a fantasy football lineup.

Finding the perfect fit between candidate and company requires more than identifying a minimum qualifying skill set. It means thinking about how a candidate will fit into a company’s culture. It also includes consideration of the worker’s preferences. If they don’t stay until the end of the placement, it creates problems for both the client and the recruiter.

So, a good recruiter will look out for your interests. They want to put you in a position with an ideal cultural fit, as well as one that fulfills your longer-term career goals.

Myth: A Recruiter Only Cares About the Corporate Client

It’s true that recruiters are paid by the company that hires the worker. That offers a benefit to the candidates placed through an agency, as they don’t suffer any financial downside from using a staffing firm’s services.

But some candidates worry that the financial structure biases the recruiter towards their corporate clients. This theory insists the staffing firm won’t care about the workers and won’t fight for things like higher salaries or top-quality working conditions.

Recruiters care as much about their candidates as they do about their clients. Without the best possible workers, the staffing agency doesn’t have a service to perform.

They need to keep your salary competitive (without pricing you out of the market) and insist on the best possible working conditions. Otherwise, they won’t be able to bring in top talent, which is the main thing their clients really care about.

After all, the name of the business is “recruiting,” not “placing.” The life’s blood of the business is finding and keeping high-level candidates who can bring their creativity and talent to the companies that hire the agency.


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