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Busting Staffing Myths: Resetting Expectations for Your New Placement

Recruiters get people jobs. You know this. However, you might assume that finding you a position effectively ends the staffing firm’s involvement. From then on, you’re on your own.

That’s a common myth about staffing firms: They find you a job, and then leave you to take care of yourself. Not true. A recruiter provides support during the transition to your new position and beyond.

It’s time to reset expectations about your staffing partner’s role in your ongoing assignment. Here is how a recruiter will continue to offer outreach and assistance as you start your new position:

When You’re Hired

Your recruiter has found a position for you. You might expect this to consist solely of giving you the name and phone number of your contact at the company; then, the staffing associate will move on to other tasks and forget all about you.

Not so. Securing a placement for you involves more than just blindly sending you to your new gig. Instead, your staffing associate will provide you with key details about the placement and walk you through the process of starting your new assignment.

With the gig economy taking over a larger share of the job market, the contacts and information a recruiter can provide become even more valuable. This insider info will set you up for early and sustained success at your new placement.

Your First Day

In the traditional hiring process, you don’t get to know much about a new employer the day you start a position. You’ve probably interviewed a couple of times, done your due diligence with the information publicly available (e.g., their website or social media feeds), and you’ve talked to the firm’s HR representative who’s facilitating your hiring.

When you consider it, that isn’t a lot of input, a fact that can cause a lot of stress in the lead up to your first day. It would be like marrying someone after talking to them once or twice, looking at their Instagram, and then arranging marriage details with their best friend. That process wouldn’t bode well for a smooth honeymoon.

A staffing firm provides a better situation. They work closely with their clients leading up to your placement which gives the recruiter detailed knowledge of how the company works. Your staffing associate can clue you in on all the preferences and foibles of the individual companies.

That way, you can go into your position with more information, which will give you confidence and peace of mind.

Ongoing Support

Athletes and actors have agents to look out for them. If something goes wrong in the locker room or on the set, the client always has someone to call.

A recruiter provides that role for you. If questions, complications or concerns come up, you can turn to your staffing firm for support. It gives you a lifeline if a problem arises.

Moreover, like an agent, your recruiter will be there to guide you into your next role. When your placement ends, or if you feel you need another assignment that fits you better, your staffing associate will be there to help you find a perfect opportunity.


New Opportunities Await

Ready to take the plunge? Teaming up with a strong staffing partner, like TriStarr, allows you to fast-track your career and take some of the guessing out of the job market.

Contact TriStarr today to find out more.

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