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7 tips from a recruiting agency for writing compelling job descriptions

Businesses have depended on job descriptions to define work for employees for generations. And even though technology has drastically changed the work environment over the years, job descriptions in 2019 remain as important as ever.

Good job descriptions can prevent the wrong person from applying for a job and better ensure the right person does apply. In other words, they can help prevent employers from interviewing and maybe hiring someone who isn’t right for the job.

Every job description needs to be thorough and updated each time you’re recruiting someone new for the position. The following list details information that should appear on most job descriptions.

  1. Job title
  2. Work location (if working remotely is an option, note that here)
  3. Company overview
  4. Job summary including key objectives and goals
  5. Job duties (mention opportunities for training or professional development)
  6. Experience required (skills, education, years of experience)
  7. Employment type (full time or part time)
  8. Work hours/travel requirements
  9. Salary range and benefits (bonus program, retirement plans, health insurance)

Job descriptions done well can help you with recruiting employees

Job descriptions also must attract great candidates and encourage them to apply for open positions. For that reason, the descriptions have to be clear and compelling as well.

Here are a few guidelines to help prepare job descriptions to 1) attract and find candidates you want and 2) give them information needed to decide whether to apply:

  1. Briefly describe what your company does, using facts and figures.
  2. Describe your company’s work culture or environment, and explain your company’s brand.
  3. Relate the position’s summary or objective to the company’s goals.
  4. Be specific when describing duties of the job.
  5. Use descriptive language, action verbs, and words known in your industry.
  6. Use language that is gender neutral and age neutral.
  7. Highlight any benefit that could make you stand out from your competitors.

Here’s a bonus tip: Make your job descriptions available online and mobile friendly, particularly if you’re looking for younger workers.

Need help with writing job descriptions? Contact our recruiting agency

Many managers dread writing job descriptions, knowing the time and effort they entail. That’s why companies often engage a professional job recruiter or recruiting agency to help prepare their descriptions. A recruiter can also help you find the best candidates and handle the initial phase of your interviewing process.

If you’re considering outsourcing of recruiting, interviewing, or preparing job descriptions, talk with us here at TriStarr, a staffing and recruiting agency and HR consulting firm in Lancaster, PA.

We back our recruiting with our Good People Guarantee. If you aren’t pleased with a new employee within the first few months, our guarantee takes effect. We will replace the person with another candidate at no cost or provide an agreed-upon, prorated refund. But our clients rarely request that, because we know how to find candidates who are a great fit.

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