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Busting Staffing Myths: 4 Things Recruiters Wish Candidates Knew About Staffing Agencies

In the broad outlines, it’s clearly a mutually beneficial relationship. But in the day-to-day execution, it’s prone to misunderstandings and misconceptions.

As a job seeker, you get significant benefit from working with a recruiter. They make job searches more efficient, getting you a better opportunity in a shorter period time than you can achieve on your own. Still, a distance sometimes exists between the people looking for work and the professionals trying to place them.

This fact leads to a lot of myths about the services recruiters perform and about where they put their allegiances. It’s a frustrating experience for recruiters, who face skepticism and doubt even as they work tirelessly to place people in situations that will enhance their long-term career prospects.

With that in mind, here are four things recruiters wish candidates would know about their roles:

Recruiters Want to Find the Perfect Match for Both Candidate and Client

People sometimes assume a recruiter cares only about the corporate client. After all, most staffing agencies get paid by the company looking for workers, not by the workers themselves. Therefore, the theory goes, they don’t have any incentive to care about the candidates’ long-term needs.

That’s just not true. Recruiters work hard to create the ideal match between candidate and company. A happy candidate makes a happy worker, which in turn makes a happy client. Meanwhile, a dissatisfied candidate might leave the placement before it’s over, or might not give their full effort. That reflects badly on the recruiter.

Finding the Right Fit Can Be Complicated

Here’s how people assume the process works: Clients provide a list of skills they need for a position. The recruiter sifts through the resumes they have on file looking for those skills. Once they find them, the match is made.

But recruiters aren’t just human keyword-matching algorithms. A lot goes into the placement process. Not only do recruiters have to find a candidate with the right skill set, they have to find someone who will fit into the overall placement.

Culture matters. Schedules matter. The candidate’s preferences and long-term goals matter. A good staffing specialist will leverage all the information they have about a candidate (and about the placement) to discover the perfect match.

Long-Term Relationships Matter Most

Recruiters don’t just throw people at positions to see what sticks. They don’t just fill job orders in the fastest way possible. They are looking to build long-term relationships, both with their corporate clients and the candidates they work with.

Fundamentally, a staffing firm exists to build connections. They want to keep their clients coming back again and again. That means they want to place the best candidates and provide the best possible service.

Meanwhile, a strong pool of talent gives the recruiter their best chance of satisfying the customer. That means putting candidates in positions where they can succeed and giving them all the support they need to achieve their goals.

As such, a staffing specialist will do what it takes to keep both the candidate and the client happy. They hope to work with both for years to come.

Recruiters Can Provide Significant Additional Information

Beyond just pairing them with potential job opportunities, recruiters can provide additional resources that can improve a candidate’s prospects, both within a particular placement and for the long term.

When you get a placement, your staffing specialist can provide significant information about the company. They can give you insights about culture, management and corporate operations, so you’ll start out with a detailed lay of the land.

Meanwhile, the recruiter can also help you long term. They can help you polish your resume, improve your interview skills and target your development, in order to maximize your career growth.

Recruiters are people too.

By talking to a staffing specialist, you can gain insight into the recruiting industry and learn a lot about your own prospects. Ready to start an in-depth conversation? TriStarr has a specialist ready to talk you through the process. Contact TriStarr today to learn more.

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