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Success Stories: Get Placed in Your Perfect Position!

Azael Gesesse had trouble jumpstarting his American Dream. Having moved to the U.S. from Ethiopia, Azael looked to make a better life for himself. But the process of entering the workforce proved overwhelming.

His early attempts to find a position led him nowhere. He confronted many of the same challenges anyone faces when they first enter a workforce: a thin resume, a skill set that requires improvement, and an underdeveloped professional network. In this way, he resembled anyone searching for their first job just out of school, or someone returning to the workforce after a long absence.

But in Azael’s case, these shortcomings were magnified by the added difficulties that come with moving to a new country. Together, these factors conspired to make his job search particularly difficult.

And it seemed as if no one could help. Azael attempted to find positions through other agencies, but he found their processes complex and confusing. Ultimately, these other recruiters were unable to place him in any meaningful assignments.

Finally, Azael discovered TriStarr.

TriStarr’s Proven Method for Success

TriStarr immediately applied its proven recruitment process to match Azael with a position perfectly suited to his situation.

“TriStarr believed in me,” Azael says. “They guided me throughout my job search and helped me find an amazing opportunity.”

TriStarr steered him to an opportunity where he could thrive from day one. Meanwhile, his new job also provided the ideal opportunity to build his skill set and fill out his resume.

Azael not only found a position perfect for him in the moment, the help TriStarr provided set him up for increasing success down the road.

“I couldn’t have done it without their help,” Azael concludes.

A Universal Approach

Entering the workforce is tough for anyone. Whether you are just out of school, or getting back to the professional world after taking a break from your career, the transition can prove both frustrating and intimidating.

Overcoming these obstacles gets easier when you have a partner, someone to provide the support and direction you need to maximize your potential.

TriStarr is here to help.

TriStarr has access to positions not available through other sources. Using its extensive employer network, TriStarr can tap into “hidden” contract jobs – ones never advertised publicly. These great-paying assignments allow you to develop your skills, setting you up for even bigger opportunities down the line.

Meanwhile, TriStarr also offers long-term career-building support that prepares you for future growth. Through expert advice and professional guidance, TriStarr nurtures your ability market yourself. Unlock the ability to showcase your strengths and convince employers you deserve every opportunity to apply your talents.

Ready to jumpstart your own American Dream?

Contact TriStarr today to begin your journey to success.

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