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Busting Staffing Myths: Recruiting Generalists vs. Specialists

You’ve heard the benefits of partnering with a staffing agency. And these details have you interested in getting jobs sooner and in finding better positions.

But you still have a major worry: you have specialized skills and you don’t want to settle for a position outside your field. You don’t want to get thrown onto a big pile of candidates, all fighting for the same entry-level positions.

That represents a major myth about staffing firms. People think all recruiters work the same way…that each one is virtually indistinguishable from all the others.

Not true. Rather, there are major differences between individual firms. In practice, each one has its own core competencies, its own area of focus.

Generalists Vs. Specialists

A key split exists between generalists and specialists. Most job seekers assume that every staffing agency acts as a generalist, taking on any client and matching candidates with any type of skill set.

That certainly describes a sizable part of the industry. These companies benefit from a broad scope, both in the clients they sign up and the candidates they look to place. The generalist works best for job seekers who have skills that can be applied in almost any situation.

However, generalists have drawbacks as well. Job candidates with special skills often get lost in the shuffle. As suggested by the category name, the positions involved tend to require general skills…the type of thing most people can do. It’s difficult to find targeted assignments or positions that unleash a candidate’s full potential.

Generalists only make up part of the market though. Many recruiters specialize. These firms become experts in a single area. This focus provides significant benefits to both the clients using the staffing agencies and the job seekers who turn to them to find positions.

The Benefits of Specialization

You wouldn’t ask a quarterback to play on the offensive line. Similarly, you wouldn’t call a dentist to conduct brain surgery. And you wouldn’t hire a lawyer to install your central air conditioning.

In other words, when you need a job done, you turn to the people best trained to do that task. That idea holds true for staffing agencies as well.

A strong competency in a single area allows an agency to maximize its expertise. In addition, this narrow focus helps the recruiter find the perfect fit for even the most demanding clients.

Better Opportunities

Not only does specialization help the clients that turn to a focused staffing agency. Job seekers win as well.

For candidates with specialized skills, a dedicated agency can get them into ideal placements faster. In addition, the job seeker doesn’t have to brush off offers outside their desired field. Instead, they can target the positions they really want.

The process results in better outcomes for job seekers. Candidates with special skills find positions that fit their particular qualifications, without having to slog through distraction and unpromising leads. They get jobs faster, and end up in more fulfilling positions.

Looking for a position that matches your unique skills?

TriStarr provides just that sort of focus and dedication. As a specialist in the administration and professional fields, they can fit you into the perfect situation for your hard-won distinctive skills.

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