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Busting Staffing Myths: Are Recruiters an Asset or a Liability?

A persistent myth about staffing firms is they are all the same. This is far from true. However, a wide gap exists in quality among recruiters. There are bad ones, which can actually represent a liability to your long-term development, and then there are the great recruiters; ones that act to amplify your career ambitions, becoming a major asset to your development.

But how can you tell the difference? How do you separate the winners from the losers without wasting a large amount of time?

Here are some signs you can use to separate the good from the bad, helping you find the right recruiter to push your career forward:

Good Recruiters Give You Specific Details 

You can tell early in your conversations with a recruiter whether or not things are going well. A good staffing partner will provide detailed information, rather than vague promises. Ideally, they should have a specific plan for you soon after your first meeting, using your skills and background as a basis for a way forward.

You shouldn’t be left waiting and you shouldn’t be forced to follow up continuously just to get information. At the very least, your recruiter should offer a timeline of when they can give you an update.

Good Recruiters View You as More Than a Product

No one wants to feel like a “product.” Unfortunately, the economics of the recruiting business lead some staffing agencies to take that approach with candidates. Companies pay for placements, so job seekers become widgets to shove into any open positions.

It shouldn’t be that way. A good recruiter is in the business of making mutually beneficial pairings, putting the right candidate together with the right opportunity. That creates the best situation for all sides. And, in the long run, the recruiter earns more money by cultivating a reputation for providing the right candidates for the right jobs.

Good Recruiters Listen to You and Build Long-Term Trust

As part of the program of treating job seekers as more than just product, you should feel listened to by your staffing partner. They should treat you as an individual, with a unique mix of skills and a preferred career path.

Moreover, they should focus on your long-term potential. Good recruiters don’t churn through candidates, assuming that anyone leaving can be replaced with newbies walking in the door. They are looking to develop lasting relationships that will survive multiple career-building placements.

Good Recruiters Keep in Touch

You have enough trouble getting ghosted in your personal life. You shouldn’t have to worry about it from your recruiter. Communication should be a top priority.

You should always be able to get in touch with your staffing partner. They should listen to your concerns and do what they can to maximize any placement you get. A strong recruiter will look to build trust, providing feedback and taking your concerns into account.

Ready to take the plunge? A great recruiter, like those at TriStarr, can speed up your development and put you in the perfect position to thrive.

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