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Tips for how to effectively manage remote workers

How many people do you know who work from home? If you feel like that number is increasing, you’re not wrong—a survey done by Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs shows that remote work has grown by over 91 percent in the past decade.

This simple workplace benefit is often seen as enticing for employers who wish to cut down on office space costs, boost employee morale, and attract top candidates who appreciate the scheduling flexibility. Mobile and online applications like Slack allow workers to communicate with each other anywhere and everywhere, no matter if they’re physically in the office or working from home, a client site, or even a tropical beach.

On the other hand, some major companies like Bank of New York Mellon Corp, IBM, and Yahoo, have been cutting down on offering remote work options and asking their remote workers to return to the office. According to SHRM Online, this decision may have come from the following theories about why working remotely sometimes fails:

  1. Employers do not adequately train or provide proper resources to remote workers to ensure their success.
  2. Some supervisors find it harder to manage someone who they cannot communicate with face-to-face, and are uncomfortable with them working off-site, possibly because they don’t or can’t trust their workers.
  3. Some employers find that employees who work off-site are less productive, prone to distractions, or don’t meet goals as well as they do when physically in the office.

The specifics of remote work benefits offered may look different from company to company, and recruiters at job recruitment companies often consult with them on how to make it work for their unique needs.  Some companies offer full time remote work, while others may build in an occasional work-from-home option. Remote work options also fluctuate based on geographic location and industries. Tech, IT, finance, and sales and marketing roles often see more remote work opportunities.

Job recruitment companies can help you set up remote workers for success

That’s not to say that remote work cannot be a viable option for top candidates who require work flexibility or find it easier to be productive in individual settings. Employers who want to offer this benefit to their employees can partner with recruiters at job recruitment companies to ensure success. Companies like TriStarr can effectively communicate the benefits, and provide guidance on HR best practices for bringing a remote worker into the company culture. Here’s a few tips to get the most from remote workers:

  1. Train employees on the top resources and functions necessary to effectively do their jobs. Software training is made easier by investing in screen capture tools. Zoom Video Conferencing, for example, allows you to share your work screens with an individual or groups of people anywhere they have access to a computer.
  2. Set clear expectations on job duties and responsibilities from the beginning. Consider implementing a daily, weekly, or monthly workflow check-in meeting to ensure managers and employees remain aligned on top goals and key performance indicators.
  3. Provide ways for employees to stay involved with their coworkers through team bonding sessions. This tactic will allow you to keep employees connected and ensure morale remains high.

Ready to effectively incorporate remote workers into your workflow? Our job recruitment company can assist you

In 2019, there are many jobs that can be done remotely. The key is discerning if it is right for your company. Remote worker success comes down to effective training, clear communications in job expectations and responsibilities, and the proper resources at the employees’ disposal.

If you need assistance with workplace communications, training, hiring, or recruiting, give us a call at our office in Lancaster, PA at 717-560-2111 or contact us online.  As a recruiting agency, a temp agency, and an HR consulting firm, we would be glad to partner with you for a solution to your HR challenges as your go-to job recruitment company. Our professional staffing service team has more than 60 combined years of administrative staffing, recruiting, and HR consulting experience.

We also back our recruiting with our Good People Guarantee. If you aren’t pleased with a new hire within the first few months, our guarantee takes effect. Our job recruiters will replace the person with another candidate at no additional cost or provide an agreed-upon, prorated refund. But our clients rarely request that, because we find candidates who are a great fit nearly every time.

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