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4 Ways To Make A Great Impression On Your First Day Of Work

Beginnings are hard. First dates. First days at new schools. And, of course, your first time walking into a new job. In each case, first impressions make all the difference.

Starting a new position comes with significant anxiety and a high level of stress. But you have to suppress your butterflies and muster all the confidence you can find. Easier said than done? Maybe…but there are ways to make the process easier.

Here are four ways you can overcome your nervousness and make a great impression on your first day on a new job:

Come Early and Stay Late

A new employer wants to see that you’re willing to go the extra mile. Establish that precedent early in your tenure. Show up early, ready to work on your first day. Come prepared and excited.

Meanwhile, carry that enthusiasm through until the end of the day. Don’t leave until your boss does, or at least until they clearly instruct you to go. (Unless, of course, your new boss has a tendency to duck out early. In that case, take your cues from your most committed coworker.)

Offer to Take on Responsibility

Many people come into a job looking to hang back. They want to figure out the corporate landscape before inserting themselves into the action. However, following this cautious approach can get you labeled as timid. It’s a hard reputation to shake.

Rather than lay low in the beginning, look to assert yourself. As early as possible, offer to take on responsibility. You might slip into a skills vacuum and end up with a meaningful role early in your career at the company. At the very least, you’ll indicate your willingness to become an active part of the team.

Ask Questions

Don’t pretend like you know everything. Your early tenure at a new company should emphasize learning. As such, ask a lot of questions and learn as much as you can.

This tactic serves a few functions. First, it will shorten your learning curve. The more information you absorb, the sooner you will be ready for higher-level assignments. Second, you’ll indicate your curiosity. Your new bosses and coworkers will recognize you as someone willing to learn.

Finally, this might be your last chance to pepper people with questions. Everyone is willing to help the new person. Pretty soon, though, they will consider you a veteran and will be much less happy about you interrupting their day for basic questions.

Introduce Yourself, But Stay on Task

The other hidden benefit of asking questions: it gives you an excuse to talk to people. That helps you ease into the social aspect of the office, one of the hardest minefields to navigate early in your career at a company.

To become an important member of the team, you have to build a rapport with your coworkers. Get started on this on your first day. Introduce yourself and start getting to know the people around you.

Be careful, though. You don’t want to establish a reputation as a chatty gadfly. Keep the introductions short and professional. Let them know you are there for business. There will be plenty of time to deepen the personal connections later.

First days become easier when you’re confident you’re in a job that is perfect for you. A strong recruiting partner, like TriStarr, will optimize your placements, allowing you to thrive in every new position.

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