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Using social media to recruit top-quality job candidates

The days of taking out ample space in the newspaper classifieds to tout an in-demand job opening may be just about over. As the world changes, recruitment strategies must stay aligned with the best options to reach the top job candidates. One way employers are connecting with new candidates is by using social media to help broaden the reach of their company brand and locate qualified professionals.

As many companies use social media to look into prospective employees’ backgrounds, the odds lean in your favor that your new employee is just a click away on Facebook or LinkedIn. Facebook has joined LinkedIn in offering direct-to-job seeker “apply now” websites.

Figure out for yourself if this strategy, utilized by job recruitment companies like TriStarr Staffing, is right for you. Companies can effectively utilize social media platforms to reach job seekers by following these tips.

Tips for effectively using social media as a job recruitment tool

  1. Advertise your open jobs through Facebook Ads Manager and LinkedIn Business Manager. Low-cost options exist on these platforms to connect powerful creative with people who best fit the skills, education, and opportunities available at your company. If you create an ad on Facebook, you can also then connect it with relevant users on Instagram.
  2. Share your company culture authentically on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages. If your company has corporate outings, retreats, happy hours, or other employee events, showcase them online. It humanizes your company and shows why it’s a great place to work. Active and passive job seekers alike may keep up-to-date with your company job board and stay engaged with your company brand longer.
  3. Consider bringing video into your social media strategy. Breaking out from your typical photos and status updates engages even the more passive job seekers by getting their attention. According to Fast Web Media’s “Video is Like Pizza: Even If It’s Bad, It’s Still Pretty Good,” more than 52 percent of marketing professionals around the world have agreed that this type of content gives the greatest return on investment.
  4. Use relevant, topical hashtags to help qualified job candidates find your content. Anyone searching for a specific industry or title can find your post. For example, if you want to find a new administrative assistant, use hashtags such as #adminasst, #admin, #officejobs, and #openroles. You can also create your own branded hashtags to keep track of your social posts.
  5. Encourage your employees to share openings on their own social media platforms, too. Have willing employees post your job openings linking back to the official job board. Your own staffers might have a connection to another person with the skillset and personality you require. They know the culture of your company, and can appropriately discuss it openly and authentically, fostering quality connections, according to Better Team.

Need help finding top job candidates? Our recruiters can assist you

Effective recruiting over social media or elsewhere isn’t easy—it takes time and effort. That’s why many companies turn to job recruitment companies and temp agencies for consulting on hiring candidates. Recruiters know how to find the right people and how to ask the right questions.

If you’re thinking of recruitment outsourcing or need help with interviewing to evaluate and find job candidates, we hope you will talk with us here at TriStarr. Our recruiting, staffing, and HR consulting firm is based in Lancaster, PA, with clients in the York, Harrisburg, Lebanon, and Reading areas.

We back our recruiting with our Good People Guarantee. If you aren’t pleased with a new hire within the first few months, our guarantee takes effect. Our recruiters will replace the person with another candidate at no additional cost or provide an agreed-upon, prorated refund. But our clients rarely request that, because we find job candidates who are a great fit nearly every time.

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