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Busting Staffing Myths: Turning a Temp Job Into A Permanent Job

Staffing agencies provide all types of jobs. However, many people have the impression that recruiters only make temporary assignments. This misconception keeps many job seekers from taking advantage of the benefits a staffing agency brings.

That’s unfortunate because it leads candidates to close the door on a number of meaningful opportunities. Even in situations where a position starts out as a temporary assignment, there is a chance it could evolve into something more permanent.

There are a few steps you can take to make that transition more likely. Keep these tips in mind if you want to turn your temp job into a permanent position.

Do Your Job Well

Companies ultimately make their decisions based on value. If you prove yourself worthwhile to the organization, they will want to keep you around. That should be your goal during your temp assignment: To convince your bosses they are better off with you around.

Think of your temp assignment as a tryout. If you’re looking to transition from your initial role into a more permanent one, perform your tasks at the highest possible quality level, and exhibit an ability to handle more complicated tasks.

Ask About Permanent Roles

Usually, to get what you want, you have to ask for it. That often works in this situation, as well. You need to have a conversation with the decision-makers at your temp assignment about the possibility of a permanent position.

Early in your assignment, let them know you’d be interested in a long-term position. Bringing up the topic serves a couple of goals. First, you’ll find out if a permanent role is possible. Second, you’ll put yourself on their radar. Finally, you can find out what they want to see from you to consider you for a permanent position.

Learn About the Company

Companies often use temp assignments to try out workers before considering them for permanent positions. This lets them get to know a person’s attitude and skill level before committing to a longer-term situation.

If the company gets this benefit from a temp situation, you should take advantage of the same opportunity. Use the temp phase to learn as much as you can about the company. You can find out whether it is a place you want to stay for the foreseeable future.

Meet People

Networking is key to securing any career advancement. Think of your time in a temporary position as an excellent networking experience, but one focused specifically on a single company.

Talk to your co-workers and your managers. Get to know them. Work out the office politics and the power dynamics of the company. This will help you plan your eventual campaign to achieve permanent status.

Volunteer for Additional Responsibility

Temporary assignments tend to have limited parameters. Companies don’t want to go through a massive training procedure every time they have to replace a temp. Therefore, these positions often stay fairly simple.

However, if you want to make the leap to a permanent employee, you have to show you have broader horizons. In short, you have to prove your value. To do this, seek to expand your role whenever possible. Ask for additional responsibility. If your bosses call for general volunteers, throw your hat in the ring. The more integrated you are within the company, the harder you are to replace, the more value you provide than an average worker, the more likely it is that they’ll consider bringing you on long term.

Ready to Turn Your Temp Job Into A Permanent Position?

A good staffing agency, like TriStarr, will keep your needs in mind as they look for assignments. They will place you in situations where you can find the long-term opportunities you need to build your career.

Contact TriStarr today to learn more.

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