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Busting Staffing Myths: I Can Recruit Myself

Many job seekers delay contacting a staffing agency because they believe they can find a better job on their own. However, recruiters offer significant advantages and even the most demanding candidates can benefit from the assistance staffing agencies provide.

Seeking out help can be tough. As you start your job search, you’re confident you can find a position on your own. After all, no one can understand your background better than you and only you can properly steer your career toward your desired trajectory.

Right? Well, not exactly.

Working with a recruiter doesn’t replace your understanding of your skills or change the direction of your career. Instead, staffing agencies are there to amplify those powers. They can unlock possibilities you didn’t know existed.

Here are some of the ways you benefit from working with a recruiter, rather than trying to land a position on your own:

Unadvertised Opportunities

Employers don’t always publish their open positions. This is especially true if those companies work with a staffing firm. Instead of going through the trouble and expense of soliciting applications from the public, they will go directly through the recruiter to get the workers they need.

By signing up with a staffing agency, you plug into these opportunities. You get an advantage over other job seekers. It’s like belonging to an exclusive club. Your recruiter can bring you potential placements you wouldn’t be able to find on your own.

Relationships with Companies

Staffing firms have access to these unadvertised positions because they have relationships with their client companies. However, this isn’t the only benefit that comes from these connections. Teaming with a recruiter allows you to plug into a matrix of interconnected firms centered on your staffing partner.

Think of it as a kind of super-networking. Just like you talk to the people you know about potential job opportunities, a recruiter can reach out to their contacts to help bring you a position. Only there’s a major difference. While your connections may or may not have a job for you, the staffing firm works exclusively with companies looking to hire.

Industry Knowledge

You don’t just tap into a larger network when you work with a recruiter. You also get access to increased knowledge.

Staffing firms maintain a broad sense of what is going on with their clients. They can offer you significant insight. You can learn things about the skills required to succeed, or about the kinds of answer an employer is looking to hear in an interview. It’s like a cheat sheet for your job search.

Increased Flexibility

Not every job seeker is the same. You might prioritize some things about a position that other people don’t care about. Maybe you can only work a certain number of hours per week. Perhaps you need a particular shift. Or you could be focused on developing certain skills at this point in your career. Whatever the case, staffing firms allow you to maximize the aspects that are important to you.

Working with a recruiter gives you increased flexibility. It makes it easier to find the perfect type of position for you.

Staffing firms offer significant advantages over trying to score a position on your own. A top-flight recruiter, like TriStarr, will help you optimize your potential and find a position ideally suited to driving your career forward.

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