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7 “don’ts” when recruiting employees

In several previous blog posts, we have provided guidance on effective steps to take when recruiting employees. In this post, we’ll focus on what not to do—mistakes to avoid—while referencing some of our past blog posts.

In order to get the most out of your recruitment efforts and find the candidates you need, plan ahead. Consider each of these “don’ts” when developing your recruitment strategies:

  1. Don’t rely on old-fashioned recruitment tools – If you’re just posting ads in the newspaper and on job sites, you’re short-changing yourself and missing promising candidates. Use your social media pages, professional online forums, and specialized search tools, too. If you don’t have access to these, get in touch with a professional recruiter with this experience. See our blog post on technology used by professional recruiters.
  2. Don’t overlook current employees – Could a great candidate already be working for your company, maybe within another department? Don’t be so focused on getting the best candidate “out there” that you miss a great candidate “in here.” Someone who excels in a position within the company may be ready for increased responsibility. And a promotion is a great way to hang on to talented staff. See our blog post on recruiting within the company.
  3. Don’t be too general about the job and its duties – While this may seem like a no-brainer, you would be surprised at how often people are hired with only a vague understanding of what they will be doing. If they quit when the job isn’t what they expected, it’s a waste of your time and your company’s money. So be clear and detailed about what the position will entail, and make sure your written job description reflects that. See our blog post on writing compelling job descriptions.
  4. Don’t talk too much during the interview – While you have a role to play in the interview and will need to tell candidates about the position and your company, your main role is to listen. The more you talk, the less time you have to learn all you can about the candidates. Use your time wisely. Prepare a list of questions that you will ask for all candidates so you can accurately compare their responses and experiences. See our blog post on best practices for interviewing.
  5. Don’t waste interview time with unproductive questions – During the limited time you have in an interview, you want to ask the best questions: ones that will tell you about the candidate’s experiences, attitudes, and decision-making abilities. So, don’t waste your time with questions that are unproductive or, worse, ill-advised or even illegal. Stick to questions related to the position you are filling. See our blog post on questions you shouldn’t ask and our blog post on unproductive interview questions.
  6. Don’t stretch out the hiring process – Prolonging recruitment is one of the most common ways of losing great candidates. It can change their impression of your company, and they may lose interest. If you have been waiting for months for the “perfect person,” it’s possible you are imagining a candidate that doesn’t exist. See our blog post on moving quickly when hiring.
  7. Don’t neglect to check references – This is not an area where you want to save time. Be sure to follow up the interview with checking references of your final candidates. You need to ensure they are as authentic as they appeared in the interview. In addition to talking with previous supervisors, consider contacting former colleagues as well. See our blog post on checking references before hiring.

Recruiting employees is hard work—and we can help you with that

The ins and outs of recruiting employees take a lot of time and effort. That’s why a recruiter’s help from the start can save you weeks or months of frustration. Recruiting agencies can find candidates who are the best in your industry and increase your odds of a successful placement. In fact, recruiters build relationships with many top people before your search process ever begins.

At TriStarr, we use a precise, six-step candidate evaluation process to find the best employees who also would be the right fit for your business. We assess for skills and knowledge, as well as for personality and compatibility. That’s why we have such a high placement success rate.

TriStarr is a recruitment employment agency with temp services and HR consulting in Lancaster, PA. Contact us today through our website or call us at 717-560-2111.

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