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Busting Staffing Myths: Do Staffing Companies Offer Benefits?

Most job seekers know the benefits of working with a staffing firm. However, when they think about “benefits,” they mean the term in a general sense. But what about literal benefits? What about those added elements of compensation that often come with full-time employment?

Those kinds of benefits are a different story. People often rely on their employer to get things like health insurance and retirement savings. However, job seekers don’t usually associate these important benefits with staffing firms.

It’s a key concern and one that often holds people back from using recruiters to ignite their careers.

The Other Kind of Job Security

The concern over benefits permeates job searches in general. As companies shift to a gig-economy model, fewer and fewer employers offer their workers full benefits.

It leads to a situation where workers never feel truly secure. They always feel like they have to keep hustling, keep working, keep looking for that next job. The drive feels especially acute in the world of temporary work, where even paid days off seem like a mythical luxury from some bygone era.

In this environment, many job seekers feel silly even asking a recruiter about benefits. They think, “if many employers don’t offer health care and retirement options, what chance do I have to get them from a staffing agency?”

The TriStarr Difference

While it’s true that most staffing agencies don’t offer additional benefits, it’s not true across the board. TriStarr, for one, provides a comprehensive package for eligible employees.

TriStarr offers wide-ranging benefits to both permanent and temporary staff. These include a healthcare plan, 401(k), holiday pay, and a service bonus.

The healthcare plan applies to staffers working for more than 30 hours a week. It can become active in the first month after 60 days of employment. The program includes a prescription plan, as well as optional dental, vision, and short-term disability coverage as well.

For retirement savings, TriStarr matches the first 3% of compensation deferral for the 401(k). It matches half of the amount above that point, to a maximum of 4% total. The benefit kicks in after 30 days of service, with no minimum hours per week to be eligible.

Peace of Mind

The TriStarr packages allow you to enjoy the advantages of working with a staffing agency, without having to worry about giving up things like health care or building a retirement nest egg. It means you can preserve the flexibility and career-building perks that come with a recruiter while maintaining your peace of mind at the same time.

The benefits program is just another in a long list of reasons that working with an industry-leading recruiter, like TriStarr, can drive your career forward. They can set you up for long-term professional growth while keeping you financially secure in the present.

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