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How to create a more employee-friendly work environment

Employee happiness has become increasingly important to success in business. Why? There is now growing evidence that when employees are happy, companies thrive.

Consider these key statistics. According to Forbes Magazine, one study found that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees. When it comes to salespeople, happiness has an even greater impact, raising sales by 37%. But the benefits don’t end there. Often there is less employee turnover in a healthy, employee-friendly workplace environment. That equals less time lost on the job translating into an increased bottom line for companies.

Taking positive steps to create a more employee-friendly work environment can be done with these five simple suggestions:

  1. Invest in growing your employees. Self-development is essential for career growth. Offering a variety of training programs will help employees build their skills and grow professionally. Conferences, seminars, and online courses can further help employees gain more knowledge and become an increased contributor in the workplace.
  2. Listen and show appreciation to your employees. Promote an open dialogue between corporate leadership and staff. Employees want to know that their opinion matters and that their work contribution is making a difference. Recognize staff accomplishments in meetings for positive behavior and performance that go above and beyond daily work expectations. Small perks, like gift cards or other monetary incentives, can be given as an added bonus. Sometimes, peer recognition goes a long way to build employee morale.
  3. Be a good corporate citizen. More and more employees want to work for companies that give back to their community. Urge employees to do the same. Support employees that work together in the community and reward the group with small tokens of appreciation, such as an office lunch, breakfast, or afternoon treat.
  4. Build a healthy workplace. Employees that are encouraged to eat healthily, be active, and exercise regularly are more likely to be happier. If your workplace provides pre-packaged vendor snacks, consider replacing the items with more healthy options like granola bars, fresh fruit, and non-sugary drinks.
  5. Strengthen your team with regular team building exercises. “The strength of the team is each team member. The strength of each member is the team,” said NBA coach Phil Jackson. Team building activities enhance social relationships between staff members. This collaboration results in more cooperation within your organization and higher productivity.

Job recruitment companies like TriStarr are often asked about a prospective employer’s workplace culture and employee satisfaction levels. Taking these small steps to create a better work environment can make all the difference in workplace happiness and longevity.

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