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Repeat performance; returning to the workforce as a temp

You’ve been out of the workforce for years. Maybe you took time off to raise your kids or care for a loved one. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided you’re ready to go back to work. The thought is daunting. You’re overwhelmed with questions. Where do I begin? How long is too long to be out of the workforce? And technology? Do I know enough to get by or even survive in a world dependent on computers, software, and automation? These questions are valid, and answering them is a necessary part of the process as you consider your next steps. So, where do you begin?


There’s a simple, trending solution for adults just like you. Men and women with previous employment experience, who have taken a break, are reentering the work world as a temp employee. Temp agencies in Lancaster, PA, for example, have become increasingly popular because they have a broad base of clients and vast pool of job offerings like call center jobs, administrative assistant, clerical, and data entry positions. They match your skills with the right job, ensuring a proper fit for the temp and the corporate client.


Is a temp agency right for you?


Agencies, like TriStarr that provide temp services in Lancaster, PA, and surrounding areas, will assess your skillset and place you in a workplace environment for a temporary period of time. It could be one week, a month, or longer.  Becoming a temp is like “trying it on for size” for both the employee and the employer. There is a wide variety of job openings with different companies where you are given the opportunity to try new jobs and, often, learn new skills which will help you add to and diversify your resume. Sometimes temporary positions lead to permanent administrative job placement, but it’s not always guaranteed.


If you enjoy having a flexible schedule, plus benefits including healthcare, a 401k plan, holiday pay, and a service bonus plan, then becoming a temp may be the right choice for you.  Not all temp agencies offer this level of compensation, but temporary staffing agencies like TriStarr in Lancaster recognize the importance of providing employee benefits packages for both permanent and temporary staff.




If you would like to learn more about temp staffing in Lancaster, PA, or are seeking a job in administrative staffing or professional and IT staffing, click on our links for more information or apply online.

TriStarr is a Lancaster recruitment, staffing and consulting agency providing temporary and permanent staffing solutions for clients in Lebanon, Harrisburg, Hershey, York, and Reading. Contact us online or call us at (717) 560-2111.

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