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2020 Foresight: New trends in temp staffing and hiring

You’ve heard of being “ghosted” through texts, social media, and even on dating apps. But, in temp staffing and recruitment? It’s happening. Typically, “ghosting” is when someone you are corresponding with stops responding in any way to texts, emails, posts on your social media, or conversation with you on dating apps. In the world of temp agencies and recruitment, “ghosting” is when you have a prospective employee, the interview is scheduled, and they are a no-show. No telephone call, no reason for not showing up, they simply vanish.


Over the past 12 to 18 months, “ghosting” has quickly made its way into the world of temp staffing and job recruiting. It has become one of the most talked-about topics at trade shows and conferences, around the country. So, why now? Some experts in the industry believe it has to do with the low unemployment rate and the fact that there are so many job opportunities available. Candidates don’t feel pressure or obligation to show up. Others believe it’s generational–that there isn’t a concern for consequences if they don’t keep a commitment.


If a suitable candidate presents to you, follow up with them right away.  Studies have shown that scheduling interviews in the morning increase the chances of the candidate keeping the appointment. So, streamlining your decision-making process and eliminating as much paperwork as possible will help get qualified candidates in the door.


There’s an app for everything – even your next temporary job.


Need a ride fast, call Uber. Need food fast, call Uber Eats.  Need a job fast, get the app Uber Works. Technology is changing everything—even the way employers hire temporary workers and how employees find temporary jobs. In the hospitality, cleaning, and manual labor job markets, Uber Works is making finding a job as easy as the tap of a button.  You can find jobs based on location, pay, and type of work. You can also read reviews about the employer and the working conditions. On the flip side, employers can also rate the employee based on their job performance. At this point, Uber Works is only available in Chicago, IL, but if the test is successful, expect to see it expanded across the country.


There’s no doubt that the impact of technology is shaking up the way in which some employees and employers find each other.  At TriStarr temp agency and recruiting, we embrace recruiting technology to help facilitate our mission of placing quality people in quality jobs.  Our ability to quickly capture data from employees and employers has dramatically improved our recruiting and hiring process.


If you are a business owner or manager and would like to learn more about temp staffing in Lancaster, PA, or are seeking a job in administrative staffing or professional and IT staffing, click on our links for more information or apply online.

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