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Job Hunting in 2020: Uncover a New Way To Find Your Next Job

The new year presents an excellent chance to step up your job search. With 2020 just underway, you’re already in the mood for resolutions. Why not take the opportunity to enhance your job hunt?

Working with a staffing agency offers the perfect way to improve your chances of finding the ideal situation. It lets you find positions quickly and seek out opportunities that match your skills and background. A recruiting firm can protect you against long stretches of unemployment, while simultaneously optimizing your long-term professional development.

Protecting You From Financial (And Emotional) Trauma

Enhancing your job-hunting abilities can save you significant worry and potentially prevent financial disaster if circumstances turn against you. Statistics show it can take months to find a job. Data from the U.S. Department of Labor show that people are out of work for 20.1 weeks, on average – or just about five months.

Of course, the actual length of time depends on the situation. The government figures indicate that just over a third of people (34.4%) find a new position in less than five weeks. That’s a promising stat. However, there’s a dark side to the distribution. About one out of five people (20.1%, to be exact) suffer unemployment for at least 27 weeks, meaning it took them more than half a year to find a new position.

Some people are better positioned to transition jobs quickly. You want to make sure you are on the right side of that spectrum. You should take every available step to shorten that period of unemployment. A staffing agency can make a difference.

Pushing Your Career Forward

Of course, job hunting isn’t just for the unemployed. There are plenty of reasons to search for a new position, even when you have a full-time gig. You might want more money, or more flexibility, or more challenging work.

Or you might not have a specific reason at all. After all, driving your career forward means staying open to opportunity. To maximize your potential, you should remain on the lookout for chances to better your situation.

Benefits from Working with a Recruiter to Fasttrack Your Job Search

Working with a staffing agency comes with several specific virtues. Here are some of the benefits you receive from working with a recruiter:

  1. Get a job faster – Job hunting on your own can be slow and tedious. A recruiter lets you find a new position quickly, letting you avoid those months of unemployment.
  2. Access to hidden opportunities – Not every new position gets posted on a public job site. Sometimes, companies circulate positions on internal networks. Some services let you seek out these opportunities, but they often come with monthly fees. A staffing agency will give you the same inside track, without costing you anything.
  3. Information about potential employers – Sometimes, it’s just impossible to learn everything you need to know about a position, or a company, from your research. A staffing agency lets you avoid bad decisions. They have insight into their clients that help you can find the perfect position for your skillset and temperament.
  4. Cast a broad net – Networking is the heart of the job-hunting process. However, your networking efforts are limited by the people you know. A recruiter lets you amplify the process. You plug into a whole new web of possible opportunities, making it the ideal supplement for your own efforts.
  5. Expert Advice – Honest career guidance is hard to find. And when you do find it, you often end up paying a significant amount for the advice. With a recruiter, you get this kind of information as part of the package. An expert in job searching and career development can help you optimize your resume and improve your job-hunting skills.

Ready to start working with a recruiter? A top-ranked staffing firm, like TriStarr, will make sure that you find a position, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Contact TriStarr today to learn more.

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