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Three (more) signs you may need to hire temp staffing

There are reoccurring challenges for many businesses and one of the most common is with staffing – when to hire employees and when to trim staff? You’re always looking for the right balance. Here’s a list of three (more) signs that may indicate when it’s the right time to hire temp staffing.

1. Customer service is suffering

The economy is strong. Business is booming and you’re projecting an outstanding fiscal year. Your call center is busy, and the orders are flowing in so fast it’s hard to keep up with all the work. On paper, things look great. But the attitudes of your staff and customer feedback tell a different story. How can this be? It’s more common among businesses than owners realize and often seen by TriStarr temp agency in Lancaster, PA.

 While it’s normal for a business to get a bad review once in a while, a spike in customer complaints and poor online reviews could mean that you are understaffed. This is exactly the time temp staffing can be useful and provide assistance to help correct the problem. Using a temp staffing agency like TriStarr, can provide relief for an over-worked staff and help improve customer service.

2. A new project is on the horizon

Your company has just been awarded a project that requires you to staff a call center with 200 people. The problem is you only have about half the people you need. You know you need to ramp up your staff, but hiring permanent employees isn’t the answer because the job is only projected to last for six months. Temp staffing is the right fit for this scenario. TriStarr has temp staffing for IT, data entry, clerical, call center, and administrative positions. TriStarr’s database of over 1,000 pre-qualified candidates is a useful resource for businesses that have a need for a large number of temporary staff, even on short notice.

3. Your business is growing, but you’re not ready to hire a full-time employee

Hiring additional staff can undoubtedly help tackle workload and ease the burden for your current employees, you have to consider your bottom line. Temp staffing solutions provide owners with the opportunity to increase staff without making a permanent commitment to an employee position. By working with temp agencies in Lancaster, PA, like TriStarr, you can hire as few or as many temp employees that you think you need. Hiring a temporary employee allows you to see if the fit is right and if it makes sense financially. TriStarr does the work to find you the right temp for the job. In many cases, temp positions will convert into a permanent hire. The bottom line, it’s up to you.

If you would like to learn more about temp staffing in Lancaster, PA, or are seeking a job in administrative staffing or professional and IT staffing, click on our links for more information or apply online

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